Pat Gerrity has sent me some emails  that are just too interesting not to be part of this collection.
They are included here and add further insight into how our ancestors lived.

These links show an MS Word version of Pat's email message as it appeared on my monitor (a screenshot).  I did this because his email had photos embedded and I wasn't able to save just the photo.

This next is an html file.  It tells the history of the St James Hospital  The workhouse described may be where my Grandma Larson (Sarah Jane Curtis) was born in 1863.

Pat also located two old maps (1850) of Leeds -- the first shows St James Church (lower right corner).  Our ancestors lived in one of theGoulden's Buildings behind the Church.  The second is a continuation of the first.

A newer map also shows St James Church and even numbers the Goulden Building #20, where our ancestors lived.  Note that St Peter's Grave Yard has expanded considerably.

An MS Word file showing photos and information about St Anne's Church where Thomas Curtis was baptized and his parents married.