Biographical Sketches of Leo's life

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6 months

frnleotub.jpg (49752 bytes)
Leo and Frances

Landersgkids.jpg (28500 bytes)
Grandma Landers and her grandchildren, Frances, Billy, Mary and Leo Rooney

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communion2.jpg (19388 bytes)
First communion 

altarboy3.jpg (9492 bytes)
Altar boy

HolyRosclass.jpg (22464 bytes)
5th grade class in Holy Rosary School

cousins1938.jpg (20556 bytes)
Cousins, 1938, the day Gallaghers left for West

tomcurtis.jpg (22860 bytes)
With Uncle Tom and Aunt Ella in Butte, Montana, 1939

Leo_horse2.jpg (15824 bytes)
Ranch in Myrtle Point, Oregon

4onahorse.jpg (37524 bytes)
With Bucky McCall

horsewagon.jpg (24376 bytes)
Driver came West in a covered wagon

3onaswing.jpg (30188 bytes)
Swing set up on porch of log house

Leo_football.jpg (34261 bytes)
Mendham, NJ -- High School years

cousins_1940.jpg (17528 bytes)
Cousins in 1940

tree_40s.jpg (46400 bytes)
with Grandma Larson and Billy Jones

hw1942.jpg (25691 bytes)
in High Works

Leo_sailor.jpg (15327 bytes)
US Navy, 1946

Leo joined the US Navy after High School graduation. He was one of the last to receive the benefits of World War II veterans, namely a college education after his service.  In the two years that he served, he wrote to my mother and she saved his letters. Some most likely have been lost, but these remain:

navycrew.jpg (20980 bytes)
Leo on the left, Captain Mansfield on right

In later years, when Leo met John Winter, they compared notes and realized that while Leo was on a ship in Eniwetok during atomic bomb testing, John was in the air, probably the same day(s).

When he came home, Leo enrolled in Montclair State Teachers College.  There he met Alberta Maycock and they wed in 1952 and both taught in Morristown schools.

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Al_teach.jpg (73830 bytes)
Alberta's first class, in 1953


MORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, Class of 1960 50th Reunion Oct 9, 2010
Members who attended George Washington school and remember Leo