First page is missing -- my guess is this was written March (17?), 1948


I got your letters of the 6th & 7th today, also applications for entrance to Rutgers, Seton Hall, and a letter from State Teachers.  Thanks for all your trouble.  Montclair sounds good doesn't it, but I'll be able to tell better after they write.  That was nice of Mr Perry (the M.H.S. principal) to want to have me come in.  I'll do that.

You know it will be 17 months since I've been home the latter part of the month.  If Frances comes down around her birthday why don't you take part of the allotment to help toward a little party for her.  It would probably be a trip to New York for her, wouldn't it.

Well mom this is all for now.  I guess to judge by Pat Andrew's tone in her letter to Fran, I had better write to the girl in Ireland.  I wrote twice in Tsingtao.  Say today would be appropriate wouldn't it?

Write soon.