June 23, 1947
Tsingtao, China

Dear Mom,

I'm writing this before my arm atriffies up -- I got 6 shots today they were for cholera, typhoid, cowpox, tetanus, diptheria and another.  I remember how we used to dread getting 1 or 2 shots a week in boot camp, I wonder what we would of thought if we just stood there & got six.  It shows you how well off you can be, although I'd rather get them all over with at once.  The needles don't hurt, even if you bleed, it's just in your mind.

We're supposed to be getting underway for Taku up about 15 miles from Teineien Wed. or Thursday.  We were in dry dock from last Wed. till Sat. afternoon.  It was on an L.S.D.  like Rich is on, the ship ballasts and the fantail sinks & you just ease on in to her middle.  We had a new screw put on to replace that one we ruined when we went on the rocks, also had that hole in our bottom repaired.

Enclosed are some pictures taken when we went over after the pontoon that had broken loose in a storm we had here also some from Little Harbor.  Save them in my scrapbook.  I'll have quite a collection.

You said in your letter that Mary was still walking stiffly!  What happened, you never told me?

I got your birthday card, thanks alot, it's my first birthday away from you and it's the last.  I must be getting older for I have to shave every day or it's noticeable.  Ha Ha

Well that's about all for now.