Dear Mom,

Yesterday was a great day for me. I got 7 letters & the three post cards & the taffy.  Now I probably won't get mail for a week.  The taffy was good.  I meet Hulbert in chow line regularly this week for they are on schedule one ahead of us this week.  He came back to the barracks with me & halped me eat the candy & we talked & smoked till 8:30 when he had to go to his barracks for muster.  I didn't see him this morning for I ate early chow & stood the 8 to 12 watch while the guys had 3 hrs of drill in preparation for tomorrow.  I think the chief picked out the 80 best so maybe I won't have to march in parade.

Do you remember Patsy Tangen my old flame on the Island? Well I got a letter from her.  She's in Minnesota now.  She moved back 2 months ago but might go back in the fall.

We got 97 in barracks inspection today & since I was on watch he asked the 3rd & 11th general order.  Thank Jeohosaphat I knew them. They're always pulling something like that.

I ate noon chow with an Admiral Wednesday. He sat at the next table directly across from me & ate what we eat.  I don't know how he made out. he's pretty old & can't take it like us young guys.

We went over the big obstacle course the other day we thought it was fun but rugged.  One Jasbo got hurt a little but not too much.

Well I'll close for now.



P.S. We played football yesterday in P.T. & we won 24 to 0.  I made a touchdown on a flat run & played backfield.  I'm right half on the company team but we haven't played yet.