Alaska, June 1-11, 2000

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We left New Jersey at 8:00 AM on Thursday, June 1st and arrived in Anchorage at about 2:30 PM with a four hour time difference and a sun that hardly sets.  In a rental car, we drove from Anchorage to Seward with plenty of time to stop at Portage to view the ice floes, and to wave to one of the last trains to travel to Whittier before the tunnel opened the next week.  The long day seemed deceptively short because of the bright sun.

100view.jpg (61415 bytes)

101icefloes.jpg (70220 bytes)
Ice floes

102Whittiertrain.jpg (26792 bytes)
Train to Whittier

200sign.jpg (62400 bytes)
Starting point of Iditarod race

In Seward we visited the SeaLife Center and took an all day boat trip to view sea life in its natural environment in the Kenai Fjords.

201Sealife.jpg (58933 bytes)
Alaska Sealife Center

205glacier.jpg (49887 bytes)
On board a Major Marine tour.

202orca.jpg (154947 bytes)
Orca whales

209salmon.jpg (41248 bytes)
Salmon fishing

301Exitglacier.jpg (60356 bytes)
Exit glacier

306Russiariver.jpg (55475 bytes)
Russian River


308trainstation.jpg (57421 bytes)
Train station in Anchorage

401Denalitrain.jpg (46069 bytes)
Train to Denali

403Denali.jpg (44128 bytes)
First view of Denali

405view.jpg (58603 bytes)
View from train

500lodge.jpg (33816 bytes)

502lecture.jpg (59359 bytes)
Nan Eagleson and
Elderhostel class

503Charlie.jpg (63268 bytes)

601onecaribou.jpg (74506 bytes)
Wild life in Denali

604cabin.jpg (62972 bytes)
Early ranger hut

606CharDenali.jpg (55064 bytes)
Charlie with Mt McKinley in background

609lecture.jpg (63194 bytes)
Outdoor class

610nest.jpg (62679 bytes)
Owl's Nest

611Dusty.jpg (72654 bytes)
Sled dog

614dogs.jpg (23548 bytes)
Hitching up the dogs

615dogs.jpg (24320 bytes)
A fast ride

616dogs.jpg (27713 bytes)
Cool down

617dogs.jpg (32502 bytes)
Photo op

619hike.jpg (38842 bytes)
Start of hike

621flowers.jpg (61308 bytes)
Wild flowers

620mosquito.jpg (59380 bytes)

624trailend.jpg (50776 bytes)
Trail end -- Mt Healy overlook

618traininview.jpg (78872 bytes)
View from hike

626rest.jpg (63401 bytes)

630bridge.jpg (62854 bytes)
Bottom of trail

634Toddshouse.jpg (58559 bytes)
Todd's home

637Toddsproject.jpg (61390 bytes)
Todd's project

638walk.jpg (59629 bytes)
Walk around the neighborhood

639MikeMays.jpg (51554 bytes)
Mike Mays

641bears.jpg (57044 bytes)
Brown bear with cubs

643dallsheep.jpg (58324 bytes)
Dall sheep

653social.jpg (48124 bytes)
Last night social

669farewell.jpg (48720 bytes)
Farewell drink