Two weeks in Utah, October, 2000

Six friends  (including me) who hike together in a Monmouth County Park System Program planned a two week vacation together in Utah.  The first week was an Elderhostel program in Bluff, near the southeast corner of the state. Here, in a very active outdoors schedule, we learned about the fascinating geology of the region and of American Indian cultures.

The second week was in our condo in Park City, thirty miles from Salt Lake City. Two more friends joined us here, where the only rule agreed upon was "No Cooking!"  We hiked, visited the Olympic Sports Park, the Kennecott Copper mine, the Mormon Tabernacle Square, and generally had a wonderful time.

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We flew into Salt Lake City and drove south to Salina the first night, then visited Arches National Park the next day on our way to Bluff.

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We arrive at Bluff, and  on Monday morning start our Elderhostel experience.

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Monday night at San Juan Inn, Mexican Hat, Tuesday in Valley of the Gods

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Wednesday -- all day on and along the San Juan river

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Thursday -- Walk around town and "free" time hike with Dan to Comb Ridge

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Friday -- Monument Valley and lunch with a Navajo family

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In Park City we enjoyed the camaraderie of all being together in the same condo with so many things to see and do in the area.

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