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Grandmother of Ray Jones,  Askam, Pa

Smiths.jpg (67956 bytes)
Ray Jones' Grandmother, Mary Smith
with Aunts Dellia and Celia Smith

Notes from Mary Louise Jones (July, 2002):
Edward P. Smith married Mary ___ Smith. They had children: Mary Ann, Bernard, Celia Della, and Edward
Mary Smith and three children died at a time of sickness (fever). Mary was sent to live with her grandmother in the country, until a time when her father later married Mary Smith.



RayJonesSr_1st.jpg (43131 bytes)
William Lewis Jones
Father of Ray Jones

MaryAnnSmithJones.jpg (56113 bytes)

RJmother.jpg (68688 bytes)

MaryAnnSmithJones2.jpg (80034 bytes)

Mary Ann Smith Jones
Mother of Ray Jones

Notes from Mary Louise Jones (July, 2002):
Mary Ann Smith married William Lewis Jones. 
William Lewis Jones was born in Merthyr - Tydvil in South Wales. He came to this country at age 10 in 1869 with his parents. He worked as a fire boss in the local mines -- that meant that he started at 2AM and walked through the mines looking for gas before the miners started to work. If there was an accident he wrote up the descriptions and cause. He had only a third grade education but he had a beautiful hand writing -- more like an artist.  He died April 14, 1914 in Askam, Pennsylvania
Children of William and Mary Smith Jones:
     Edward Franklin, b. 1887, d. Feb 19, 1888
     Raymond John, b. Jan 29,1889, d. Sept 3, 1974
     Wilfrid Leo, b. July 23, 1890, d. Nov 25, 1969
     Evaristus (Eva) Marie, b. April 9, 1892, d. Oct 1, 1953
     Bernard Fidelis (C.), b. Dec 15, 1893, d. July 11, 1986
     Celia Florence, b. Nov 10, 1895, d. Sept 20, 1974
     Edward Gomer, b. Feb 25, 1898, d. Jan 3, 1946
     Isabella Mary, b. June 18, 1903, d. Nov 13 1982

(NOTE: I copied the list from the old family Bible -- MLJ)


RayWin_kids.jpg (44108 bytes)
Raymond John Jones and Wilfrid Leo Jones


WilfridLeoJones.jpg (30388 bytes)
Wilfrid Leo Jones

Uncle Wilfrid was a lawyer who won the first case against the mine owners for men who got sick from mine dust. It was a great landmark case because most of his neighbors in Askam, Pa. died of the disease -- including Grandfather W.L.Jones.
He had an unusually bright mind and hi liked to talk about the history of the area and its people. (MLJ)

Eva_age18.jpg (16248 bytes)
Eva Marie Jones
Age 18 or 20

Eva_age30.jpg (26092 bytes)
Eva Marie Jones
Age 30 or 32

Eva Marie Jones worked herself through school by painting dishes in Wilkes Barre Pa. The beautiful gold leaf dishes were sold mostly to churches in New York. After the Depression she worked for Isac Longs Department store doing sewing adjustments of lady's clothes. She had beautiful hand writing and became the Palmer Method Supervisor for the Hanover Township School district. She was alway busy and I still have some of the wool shawles she made for her mother. She made clothes for me when I was young. She had a lot of friends and was pleasant and kind to all. She had beautiful dark auburn hair. (MLJ)

BernardCJones.jpg (86247 bytes)
Bernard C. Jones

Uncle Bert worked on Wall Street for many years. He was also a "runner" at that time. He carried large sums of money between the Wilkes-Barre area and Wall Street. Later he worked in Allentown, Pa as a telegraph operator and dispatcher for the railroad. (MLJ)


IsabelMaryJones.jpg (41364 bytes)
Isabel Mary Jones

Isabel Mary Jones was a second grade school teacher for many years. She was one of the "first" in the community to learn to drive at a time when women did not drive. Isabel took a course to become a practical nurse so she could take care of Eva during her long illness with cancer. 

During the time of the Depression, Isabel was engaged to Robert Gilligan for several years. He was a school teacher who could not get a job. He died in Mercy Hospital of a bleeding peptic ulcer. He was the one who taught her to drive. (MLJ)


Ceil started out teaching school in Mountain Top but didn't like it. She studied music and played the piano. She "kept" house for the family.  (MLJ).


Ray and Matilda -- children

Matil.jpg (48417 bytes)
Matilda Larson

RayJones.jpg (31168 bytes)
Ray Jones

RayMatil.jpg (29708 bytes)

Matil_wbaby.jpg (15652 bytes)
Matilda with Mary

MaryJones_kid.jpg (11058 bytes)
Mary Jones

RayMatil2.jpg (43804 bytes)
Matilda and Ray in Atlantic City with Mary and baby Raymond.

MaryRaymond_kids.jpg (63091 bytes)
Mary and Raymond

3Joneskids.jpg (49341 bytes)
Aleatha, Mary and Raymond

Jones_kids.jpg (85874 bytes)
Mary, Raymond, Aleatha,
and Billy Jones


Aleatha.jpg (21914 bytes)
Aleatha Jones

Aleatha2.jpg (43578 bytes)
Aleatha Jones

Aleatha3.jpg (31081 bytes)
Aleatha Jones

Jones_car.jpg (31964 bytes)
Green Dodge -- Fernbrook transportation
Aunt Matilda, driver

greenDodge.jpg (56436 bytes)
Green Dodge in the lane in Larksville in front of Grandmother Larson's house.  The Davis house in background

cousins1938.jpg (20556 bytes)
Cousins (Gallagher, Jones, Rooney) in 1938, the day the Gallaghers left for the West.  Frances, Aleatha, Leo, Raymond, Mary, Elizabeth.  Standing in front, Mary and Billy

Cousins (Jones, Rooney) at Fernbrook, cousins_1940.jpg (17528 bytes) 4th of July, 1940: Mary, Billy, Leo, Frances, Aleatha, Raymond, Mary. Note Raymond and Leo display model airplanes.

4Jones.jpg (39548 bytes)
Billy, Raymond, Aleatha and Mary Jones

Ray_atwork.jpg (29035 bytes)
 Ray Jones working outside, in the yard by his shop.

Raymond_plane.jpg (16132 bytes)
Raymond Jones II
Click here to read his letter telling of his first solo flight in 1943. It is Letter #49 in Laura Rooney's "Blue Book"

Matil_sons.jpg (66706 bytes)
Matilda with sons Bill (with BB gun) and Raymond (in uniform). Dog is Blackie.

RJsibsMother.jpg (52820 bytes)
Standing: Isabel Jones and Mary Jones Rogers (Ray's half sister by Grandfather Jones' previous marriage.
Seated, Ray Jones, mother Mary Smith Jones, Eva Marie and Celia F. Jones
Ray had a broken left arm. He fell from a porch roof while working.

LawrenceWinRay.jpg (52380 bytes)
Lawrence Larson, Wilfrid and Ray Jones, 1942

graduate46.jpg (52679 bytes)
Aleatha's Graduation, June 1946
Back row: Ray Jones, Laura Rooney, Ray's brother Wilfrid, Lawrence Larson, Gomer Jones' wife Margaret. 
2nd row: Bill Jones, George Jones (son of Gomer), Mary Rooney, Aleatha Jones, Matilda Jones.

AleathaBob.jpg (47274 bytes)
Aleatha Jones & Bob Fahringer

Aleatha_wedannounce.jpg (97604 bytes)

BobFahringer_mother.jpg (33220 bytes)
Bob Fahringer's mother

AleathaBob_wed.jpg (12462 bytes)
Aleatha and Bob Fahringer wedding.

BobFahringer.jpg (34651 bytes)
Bob Fahringer


visitWirtz.jpg (33604 bytes)
Raymond, Matilda, Mary Jones visit with Mary Wirtz in Miami

WIRTZ,JONES,FRIEND BOAT.jpg (36113 bytes)
Ray & Matilda Jones, Fritz & Mary Wirtz and a friend

  Gma Jones Mary Wirtz.jpg (37760 bytes)
Sisters - Mary Wirtz and Matilda Jones


SR M, JONES,JOY 2 56.jpg (67827 bytes)
Ray Jones, Sister Mariel, Johanna Gallagher, Matilda & Delena Jones - 1956

DIANE,VICKI,DAD,AUNTMARY'57.jpg (35033 bytes)
Valerie, Victoria Jones visit Aunt Mary (Sister Mariel) with their father Raymond Jones - 1957

GRDAD,DAD,SRMARY,D,V 7-58.jpg (38287 bytes)
Ray & Raymond Jones with Diane and Valerie visit sister Mariel -- 1958

DAD,D,V,R,G,V GRNFLDVLG_63.jpg (43710 bytes)
Raymond & kids in Greenfield Village 
Detroit, 1963
Raymond, Diane, Gregory, Victoria
and baby Valerie

UNKBILL,DAD,KIDS_65.jpg (50265 bytes)
Bill Jones visit with Raymond & kids - 1965
baby is Aletha

VAL,A,AUNT MARY,VI.jpg (29178 bytes)
Valerie, Aletha, Sister Mariel, Victoria


RJonesVisit.jpg (49233 bytes)
Dian Dutter, Mary Wirtz, Matilda, Raymond, Delena, Mary Jones and three little Dutters

Mary Jones and friend




Valerie2.jpg (52930 bytes)
Valerie Jones

Valerie1.jpg (29526 bytes)
Valerie Jones

Suzanne9.jpg (14612 bytes)
Susanne Jones, 1979,  age 12

Fahringer_kids.jpg (25916 bytes)
Bobby, Carol, David, Linda Fahringer, Frank Gouveia, Billy, Jeff Fahringer

CarolF_nurse.jpg (13820 bytes)
Carol Fahringer, nurse

LauraAnnJones.jpg (34890 bytes)
Laura Ann Jones
Photo used for grad school applications. It is cropped part of a formal group photo of the crew team at Oxford, taken in the spring of 1997.

DelenaMatilda.jpg (51048 bytes)
Delena and Matilda

inAC2.jpg (8855 bytes)
Valerie, Laura Rooney, Delena,Gregory,Matilda
In front: Brian, Laura Ann, Susanne

groupinAC.jpg (42008 bytes)
Matilda Jones, Laura Rooney, Raymond Jones. Children are Laura and Brian Jones

Fahringer Thanksgiving, 1998

Top photo on right: Bobby Fahringer, Vickie Jones Fahringer, Lena and Bill Fahringer,Nels Pierce, Linda, Fred Metzgar, Aletha Fahringer

Xgvng98_2.jpg (38734 bytes)

Xgvng98_3.jpg (41850 bytes)

Bottom photo on left: Aletha Fahringer, Lena's Mom, Jeff,  Alden,  David, and Bobby Fahringer

Great Grandchildren

3Dutters.jpg (25730 bytes)
Vincent, Angela and Lauriane Dutter

LindaDamien.jpg (13659 bytes)
Linda Fahringer with Damien

Carolsbaby.jpg (36612 bytes)
Baladine Pierce, 9 mos,
daughter of
Carol & Nels

Four Generations

4gens.jpg (20856 bytes)
Matilda, Raymond Jr., Diane, Vincent.
Milford, Mich, July, 1975

Vincent Dutter and Erin McAnarney Wedding
Saint Isidore Church, Bloomingdale, Illinois
November 27, 1999
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   wwed_Dutter.jpg (51440 bytes)
The Dutter Family
Anthea, Angela, Lauriane
ANDRÉ,  Erin, Vincent, Diane

   wwed_Jones300.jpg (39560 bytes)
Ray and Delena Jones with 7 of their "kids"
Valerie, Laura, Greg, Brian, Susanne, Raymond III, and Diane




Dutter clan.jpg (41692 bytes)
The Dutter Clan

Dave Vicki.jpg (28808 bytes)
Vicki and David

RaymondJones3rd.jpg (41449 bytes)
Raymond III, June 2006

Valerie_2006.jpg (32923 bytes)
Valerie, June 2006

Aletha and John.jpg (31871 bytes)
Aletha and John

Susanne and Jim.jpg (22000 bytes)
Suzanne and Jim


AngelaBride.jpg (36261 bytes)

Angela and Kyle Wedding
June 7, 2002

AKwedDutters.jpg (58111 bytes)


AKwedguests.jpg (52172 bytes)



RayJonesFamily2002.jpg (55927 bytes)
Raymond and Delena Jones and family in 2002
Gregory, Brian, Raymond, Susanne, Aletha, Victoria, Valerie, Diane, Laura

Click here to read a news article about Raymond


June 3, 2006
On June 3, 2006 Raymond and Delena's youngest daughter married Bill Hutchison in Charleston, SC.  It was a wonderful two days of festivities and gathering of family and friends.  Click here to see a few photos.



Ray and Delena celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary, Feb 20. 2010