Photos 1926 - 1945

LFwedparty.jpg (48108 bytes)
Frank and Laura with best man Ray McGrellis and maid of honor Margaret Honor

LFmarriage.jpg (132943 bytes)
Frank Rooney and Laura Larson married June 29, 1926

Father Douglas McNeill
Leo's godfather

Fran_trycicle.jpg (28851 bytes)
Frances Rooney, 21 months old

Leotricycle.jpg (10400 bytes)
Leo Rooney, 6 months old

RayMatil2.jpg (43804 bytes)
Ray and Matilda Jones in Atlantic City with Mary and baby Raymond

../Albums/MaryJones_kid.jpg (97466 bytes)
Mary Jones

Leo_kid.jpg (31656 bytes)
Leo Rooney in the blue coat that was passed back and forth among Jones and Rooney children

frnleotub.jpg (54057 bytes)
Leo and Frances Rooney

MaryFritz_wed.jpg (57004 bytes)
Mary Larson, Fritz Wirtz wedding, Sept 25, 1930
Best man Lawrence Larson, Maid of honor Theresa Honor

AnnieRooney.jpg (17971 bytes)
Aunt Annie Rooney holding baby Mary Rooney, about 1932

Landersgkids.jpg (155807 bytes)
Grandma Landers and her grandchildren,  Frances, Billy, Mary and Leo Rooney.

communion2.jpg (731637 bytes)
Leo and Frances Rooney, First Communion.  Laura's wedding veil cut down.

larsons.jpg (34020 bytes)
1937 - Ma Larson and her "children".  Back row: Mary, Matilda, Lawrence, Laura, Joseph.  Seated: Willie, Johanna, Ma, Thomas

Landerskids3.jpg (36443 bytes)
Floyd and Minnie Landers with grandchildren. Frances, Leo and Billy on lower step, Mary on Floyd's lap.

Fla_fish2.jpg (21565 bytes)

Fla_sisters.jpg (14460 bytes)
Laura and Mary on MaryLen houseboat, 1937

Fla_fish.jpg (56952 bytes)
Laura, Frank, Mary Larson Wirtz, 1937

Fla_alligator.jpg (25531 bytes)
Frank holds open the jaws of the alligator(?) while Laura and Mary pose.

altarboy3.jpg (53384 bytes)
Leo Rooney, altar boy at Holy Rosary Church, Scranton, Pa.

HolyRosclass.jpg (344993 bytes)
5th grade at Holy Rosary school, Scranton.  Leo Rooney in last desk 2nd row from right.

MRooney_comm.jpg (28177 bytes)
Mary Rooney, First Communion

cousins1938.jpg (316815 bytes)
Cousins the day Gallaghers left for the West in 1938.  Back row, Frances, Aleatha, Leo, Raymond, Mary, Elizabeth.   Front row, Mary and Billy

tomcurtis.jpg (850741 bytes)
Butte, Montana 1939.
Back row: Ella and Tom Curtis, Laura Rooney, Margaret Reap:
Front row: Mary, Leo, Frances Rooney

ranch.jpg (10612 bytes)
Log ranch house built by Tom and Lawrence Larson in Myrtle Point, Oregon

Davenports.jpg (534251 bytes)
Davenport family visits

Leo_horse2.jpg (276034 bytes)
Leo Rooney on horse.  Mary, Bucky McCall and Uncle Leo standing by.

horsewagon.jpg (427464 bytes)
Leo and Johanna Gallagher with Rooney kids.  Driver crossed the country in a covered wagon as a child.

3onaswing.jpg (314729 bytes)
Uncle Leo Gallagher and (top to bottom) Mary, Frances and Leo Rooney.

4onahorse.jpg (352076 bytes)
Rooneys and 5 yr old Bucky McCall.  Bucky in charge of the horse.

Frank_beer.jpg (170602 bytes)
Frank at Trainman's clambake while family is away. He said he was helping to serve it.

Ella_grave.jpg (13932 bytes)
Thomas Curtis grave in Butte, Mont. Aunt Ella sent the photo so we could recognize it if we visited. We did.

tree_40s.jpg (44326 bytes)

Leo Rooney, Grandma Larson, Billy Jones.
Note the spruce tree in background. Mary Larson planted it in 1920's. Today (1998) it is the only remaining evidence of the Larson homestead.
Revisited in 2001 --  it has fallen

Marian1936.jpg (25416 bytes)
Marian Larson, 1936

JLarson1940.jpg (16544 bytes)
Joseph Larson 1940
Teacher Mt. Penn HS

../trees/Gerrity/Marian1.jpg (26384 bytes)
Marian Larson taken about 1940 when she was living in Los Angeles.


War Years

hw1942.jpg (81172 bytes)
High Works house. Aleatha Jones, Lawrence Larson, Leo and Laura Rooney in back row, Mary Rooney and Joann Moyles in front

JohanLeo.jpg (24254 bytes)
Johanna and Leo Gallagher. Written on back, in Johanna's writing, 'Mrs Reynolds said to "burn them up." But Leo said "That's us!" Mr Poole took them while we were there.' About 1941

Bainbrdg.jpg (276725 bytes)
Elizabeth, Johanna, Leo Gallagher in Yoemalt, Bainbridge Island, Washington, about 1942

Almarian2.jpg (10616 bytes)
Alfred Smith and Marian Larson - This picture was taken in March 1942 probably at Oxnard, California. Al was teaching Army pilots at Oxnard Army Air Field. I think they had just met.

GLarson.jpg (20191 bytes)
Ma Larson hoeing corn on her 80th birthday. 1943

Ma_dghtrs40s.jpg (75319 bytes)
Ma with her daughters, Laura, Johanna, Mary and Matilda

Ma_peanuts.jpg (21141 bytes)
Ma with our dog Peanuts

Raymond_plane.jpg (22828 bytes)
Raymond Jones II
Click here to read his letter telling of his first solo flight in 1943. It is Letter #49 in Laura Rooney's "Blue Book"

FranMary_scase.jpg (47788 bytes)
Mary and Frances Rooney in Seattle, 1944, with proud purchase of new suitcase in anticipation of returning East.

Al&Marian.jpg (65896 bytes)
Al and Marian (Larson) Smith. April 1945 in the Rose Room of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Al had just returned from six months of duty in Hawaii on PT boats. He was back in San Francisco for a transfer to navigator on Navy transport planes.

Liz_uniform.jpg (541248 bytes)
Ma Larson and Elizabeth Gallagher, 1945. Elizabeth was on her way from France going home to Bainbridge Island, Washington. She was in the 50th general hospital which had been formed in Seattle.