Biographical Sketches of Mary's life

Baby/Childhood Pictures (click on thumbnail to see enlarged version, use the Back button to return to this page)

AnnieRooney.jpg (24348 bytes)
Aunt Annie Rooney and Mary

Landersgkids.jpg (28500 bytes)
Grandma Landers and  Frances, Billy, Mary and Leo Rooney

Landerskids3.jpg (26408 bytes)
Grandpa and Grandma Landers with Mary, -- Frances, Leo, Billy seated on step below

age3.jpg (38035 bytes)
3 yrs old

watercan.jpg (54336 bytes)
Grandma Larson's garden, Davis house in background


1stcommunion.jpg (28177 bytes)
First communion

cousins1938.jpg (20556 bytes)
Cousins, 1938, the day Gallaghers left for West
Back row: Frances Rooney, Aleatha Jones, Leo Rooney, Raymond and Mary Jones, Elizabeth Gallagher, Front row: Mary Rooney and Billy Jones

tomcurtis.jpg (22860 bytes)
With Uncle Tom and Aunt Ella in Butte, Montana, 1939. Margaret Reap on right, next to my mother.

3onaswing.jpg (30188 bytes)
Swing set up on porch of ranch house in Myrtle Point, Oregon, 1939.  Uncle Leo Gallagher in charge of safety. 


4onahorse.jpg (37524 bytes)
Bucky McCall (second from left, 5 yrs old) in charge of the horse. 

cousins_1940.jpg (17528 bytes)
Cousins in 1940
Mary Rooney, Billy Jones, Leo and Frances Rooney, Aleatha, Raymond and Mary Jones

hw1942.jpg (25691 bytes)
High Works. Aleatha Jones, Uncle Lawrence, Leo, my mother, me (in front) and Joanne Moyles


margurite.jpg (67431 bytes)
Marguerite Reed and me, probably my 9th or 10th birthday when my mother gave us money for a movie and snack. We spent a quarter for this photo machine picture.

FranMary_scase.jpg (35876 bytes)
New suitcase ($20) for trip East from Seattle, 1943?


MaryR_grad49.jpg (19500 bytes)
High School graduation, 1949
Aunt Matilda & Uncle Ray, Grandma Landers, Uncle Lawrence, Fran, me


21stBirthday.jpg (28220 bytes)
21 Birthday with Delores Sylcox, Dottie Hess, Leah Fenton, Shirley Clark,  Joan Mooney, Joan Steiner

Marygrad_1953.jpg (29744 bytes)
College graduation, 1953
BS in Mathematics




computress.jpg (63364 bytes)
Bell Labs Murray Hill, 1953


40years.jpg (30383 bytes)
Slide show
of Charlie and my 40 years of marriage. 
I put this together for our 40th anniversary and showed it as a Powerpoint slide show at our celebration in Sedona, Az.