Biographical Sketches of Frances's life

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frnleotub.jpg (49752 bytes)
Leo and Frances

Landersgkids.jpg (28500 bytes)
Grandma Landers and her grandchildren, Frances, Billy, Mary and Leo Rooney

FranBilly.jpg (44091 bytes)
Frances and Billy Rooney

communion2.jpg (19388 bytes)
First communion 


cousins1938.jpg (20556 bytes)
Cousins, 1938, the day Gallaghers left for West

tomcurtis.jpg (22860 bytes)
With Uncle Tom and Aunt Ella in Butte, Montana, 1939

4onahorse.jpg (37524 bytes)
With Bucky McCall


horsewagon.jpg (24376 bytes)
Driver came West in a covered wagon


3onaswing.jpg (30188 bytes)
Swing set up on porch of log house


cousins_1940.jpg (17528 bytes)
Cousins in 1940

Mary & Frances in Seattle with newly purchased suitcase for trip East in 1944

Graduate from Allentown High, Pennsylvania 1945

auntsFranMom.jpg (52089 bytes)
Aunts Matilda and Mary, Fran, Laura Rooney
 on lawn of Jones Fernbrook house


Mary Jones (dietician)
Fran (nurse in training)


Fran (nurse)

FranSisterMaura.jpg (35381 bytes)
Frances and her godmother, Sister Maura

Bride in 1954