Smugglers' Notch
Tom_kid.jpg (35488 bytes)
Tom Byrne on our first trip to Smugglers', 197-

diningarea.jpg (28659 bytes)
Our first timeshare, 1983

waterbed.jpg (11037 bytes)
Liked the waterbed

Lee_me.jpg (24397 bytes)
Lee Philips visits

snowtrees.jpg (35062 bytes)
Beautiful snow covered trees
lift.jpg (29494 bytes)
But Oh, that cold lift and blue ice!

Banff, Canada, 1981

mists.jpg (11983 bytes)
WOW! Spectacular scenery at every bend in the road.

Marysky.jpg (17862 bytes)
Interesting clouds

DJsky.jpg (16527 bytes)
DJ: Do I have to ski? Can't I just look around?

lunch.jpg (14414 bytes)

Lunch, joined by Australian girl from ski class.

DJ_race.jpg (13663 bytes)
DJ at starting gate
skiclass.jpg (24944 bytes)
Ski Class. Instructor on top. DJ & Charlie bottom right. Mary above Charlie
Mary_race.jpg (12947 bytes)
Mary at starting gate
street.jpg (21432 bytes)
Apres Ski. Charlie and DJ

glacier.jpg (15383 bytes)

MaryDJ.jpg (18187 bytes)
DJ and Mary amid the scenery

mirrorlake.jpg (16207 bytes)
Mirror Lake

stream.jpg (21006 bytes)
Stream channelled down a log for drinking



Utah - Park City, Deer Valley, Brighton, Solitude, Alta, Snowbird

condo.jpg (29301 bytes)
Jeremy Ranch, 1987

sculpture.jpg (17889 bytes)
Park City had a snow sculpture contest

DeerValley1987.jpg (25017 bytes)
Lunch at Deer Valley
Kathy Nemeth, Mary, Tom, Charlie Byrne, Dot Kirby

March, 1993

followme.jpg (25629 bytes)
Tom: "Follow me in this exercise."
DJ: "Should I hit him now, or wait until he's downhill?"

brokenski.jpg (20217 bytes)
DJ with broken ski.

DeerValley.jpg (26713 bytes)
Deer Valley lunch. Tom Klebosky, DJ, Charlie & Mary Byrne, Kathy Nemeth, Tom Byrne, Mike Maciolek

wemeet.jpg (22042 bytes)itwasgood.jpg (21820 bytes)horseplay.jpg (21896 bytes)
Lifts close. We all meet. It was good.  Horseplay

.outhouse.jpg (18418 bytes)
Sundance Mountain.  That's Laura Klebosky checking out the facilities.

Finishline.jpg (26251 bytes)
Charlie Byrne, Mike Maciolek, DJ Byrne, Kathy Nemeth, Mary Byrne, Tom Byrne, Laura Klebosky, and Tom Klebosky bending in front. At Deer Valley.

lookalike.jpg (22722 bytes)
Laura, who's your look alike?

"If you owned all this, would you be bowling in Salt Lake City?" (comment by Tom Byrne when Robert Redford showed up skiing at Sundance).

apresski.jpg (19890 bytes)
Apres Ski in the condo.
Mary and Charlie Byrne

pasta.jpg (23252 bytes)
Tedeschi pasta night. Tom Klebosky, DJ Byrne, Charlie & Mary Byrne, Kathy Nemeth, Tom Byrne. Guess who supplied the pasta?

Altaview.jpg (32847 bytes)
ALTA - incredibly beautiful

Xmas, 1993

kicks.jpg (20805 bytes)
Joe Osborne, Tom Klebosky, Mary Byrne limbering up.
moguls.jpg (17877 bytes)
Tom Byrne challenges the moguls at the top of the Supreme lift
skiteam.jpg (25256 bytes)
Carla (eating apple) made these sweat shirts for us. We look like a ski team at lunch (not so when we hit the slopes). Tom Klebosky, DJ Byrne, Mike Pajaro, Charlie & Mary Byrne, Judy Osborne
Xmas, 1994

TomNastar.jpg (17825 bytes)
Tom Byrne doing Nastar

DJNastar.jpg (19239 bytes)
DJ Byrne doing Nastar

Skido.jpg (21962 bytes)
Charlie and Mary on skidos Christmas Day

DJme.jpg (31079 bytes)
DJ and Mary in a forest of Christmas trees

Utah, 1997

TomKyle.jpg (13854 bytes)
Tom and Kyle Byrne

sliding.jpg (8537 bytes)
Tom and Michael Klebosky
Tom and Kyle Byrne

oops.jpg (8644 bytes)

dragon.jpg (17681 bytes)
Dragon guards entrance to Silver Lode lift in Park City

WinterPark.jpg (16675 bytes)
Winter Sports Park

chairlift.jpg (19456 bytes)
Laura Klebosky, Tom Byrne

balloon.jpg (18034 bytes)
Balloons in the morning

HaleBopp.jpg (7581 bytes)
Comet Hale-Bopp in the very early morning

Brighton.jpg (19313 bytes)
DJ Byrne, Jason Shramko, Steve English, Charlie & Mary Byrne, Patti English

carols.jpg (16874 bytes)
Christmas Eve. Carols in front of Steeps. Mary, Patti, DJ, Glenn, Charlie, Gayathri

hottub.jpg (14085 bytes)
Mary, DJ Byrne, Glenn Johnson, Patti English talk to new friend,  Jason Shramko in front

Utah, 1998

TomK.jpg (15576 bytes)
Tom Klebosky

1stweek.jpg (43448 bytes)
Mary, Charlie, Laura, Tom K, Renee, Tom, Carla

TomCarla.jpg (19633 bytes)
Tom, Carla Byrne

MeandDJ.jpg (13498 bytes)
Mary, DJ Byrne

midmountain.jpg (29497 bytes)
Mid Mountain Lodge
Jason Shramko, DJ, Gayathri

lunch.jpg (18058 bytes)
Gayathri, Charlie, Mary, DJ, Glenn

xmas.jpg (29977 bytes)
Christmas week
Charlie and Mary Byrne
Patti and Steve English

Brighton.jpg (30742 bytes)
Charlie Byrne at Brighton