Skiing in the French Alps, March 1999

Les Gets, France is just an hour's ride by bus from Geneva Switzerland
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The town of Les Gets
(pronounced "lay geay")
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Leave town on a chairlift
that goes higher up the
mountain than the gondo
lesgets3.jpg (20382 bytes)
Bridge over a ravine. Note
padding and net around
entrance. You wouldn't
want to miss this entrance.

lesgets11.jpg (69752 bytes)
Pass a waterfall

lesgets4.jpg (16277 bytes)
The town of Morzine.
Free trolley takes you to
cable car on other side
of  town.
lesgets5.jpg (15322 bytes)
Super Morzine gondo
takes you up and back
down later
lesgets6.jpg (19389 bytes)
Arriving at Avoriaz.
The hotels are
built to look like the
mountains themselves.

lesgets7.jpg (15117 bytes)
Lunch time.

lesgets8.jpg (22871 bytes)
No cars in Avoriaz. Big
parking lot outside.
lesgets9.jpg (31912 bytes)
Four lifts (3 chairs and 1
poma). Chair on left takes
you toward Switzerland
lesgets10.jpg (23832 bytes)
Coming down from
chair on right gives
good view of Avoriaz.