Park City, Utah
Feb 26 - March 12, 2000

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Keren's birthday dinner at Gamekeeper's followed by cake at the condo
Participants were DJ, Mike and Keren, Jason and Julie, Glenn, Charlie and (photographer Mary) Byrne

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Canyons.jpg (95114 bytes)
Canyons photo op
Keren, Mike, Charlie, Mary standing.
Jason, Julie, DJ kneeling

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Infamous owl jigsaw
Took two weeks to complete
Kylepuzzle.jpg (163648 bytes)
Kyle Byrne concentrates on his own puzzle
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Austin Byrne concentrates on Mike


Brio and puzzles get a big play with babysitter extraordinaire

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Uncle Tom introduces Katherine to real oatmeal

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Jason's birthday -- pizza and cake

Glenn_Karen.jpg (41536 bytes)
Glenn and Keren
Her arm is restrained due to rotator cuff injury
Glenn_kids.jpg (35080 bytes)
Glenn takes on Michael and David
DJ_kids.jpg (31408 bytes)
DJ tosses Michael while Kyle jumps to ottoman and David waits his turn
Kylepuzzle2.jpg (79400 bytes)
Kyle concentrates on puzzle in midst of activity
Kate_Grampa.jpg (38284 bytes)
Kate and Grampa take in the scene
pizza.jpg (42168 bytes)
Kids in the kitchen -- is that a good idea? That's where the pizza is!
pizza2.jpg (35180 bytes)
Birthday boy and Julie
pizza3.jpg (39640 bytes)
Tom Byrne, Keren and Glenn
Jasoncake.jpg (76844 bytes)
The cake - Looks like the skiier has shredded the decorations, and done a face plant
Jasoncake3.jpg (52608 bytes)
David, Laura and Tom Klebosky watch as Jason blows out the candles.


Babysitter and kids planned their own party

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The Yurt Experience -- Highly Recommended

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Charlie and Mary
Good to go

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A dating couple

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Wine Cellar

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The Yurt

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The Chef