January 19 - February 5, 2016
We enjoyed so much, but picture taking was not a priority.  Here's some we took.
Vail has made huge changes

Miner's Camp, 
the new restaurant that replaces the Snow Hut.

The new Quicksilver Gondo joins the Canyons area to Park City.
We enjoyed skiing new trails (to us) and then returning to familiar ones.
Meanwhile in the condo
Conversation was active, yet everyone consulted a PC or laptop. 
Sorry I didn't capture any pics of our gourmet dinners provided by Mike
The Volunteer Appreciation Party 
The dinner was excellent, fun pics made a nice remembrance, and  many volunteers let it all out on the dance floor.

Keren's crutches kept her off the floor, 
but she did record what others were doing
A day on Main Street
We enjoyed the virtual reality displays, but didn't take any photos

From the plague on the wall, "Amos Goldbaum is an artist specializing in freehand line drawings.  He started selling his drawings on the street and gained a following for his creative works to include prints and t-shirts.  He credits his grandfather and mother as inspiration and has been featured in McSweeney's and Cool Hunting".  Sue and Charlie took the opportunity to add their freehand drawings to his works.

As volunteers, Keren and I each had six vouchers to see films

Karen as volunteer counting ballots

Volunteers in line to exchange vouchers for tickets
They pass the time eating dinner and chatting

We saw:
1. NUTS! -- in the U.S.Documentary Competition
2. LO AND BEHOLD, Reveries of the Connected World -- a Documentary Premier
3. The Birth of a Nation -- U.S. Dramatic Competition (it won an Award)
4. Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper -- a Documentary Premier  (did you know Anderson Cooper is Gloria's son?)
5. Between Sea and Land -- in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition (it won an Audience Award)
6. Life, Animated -- U.S. Documentary Competition (it won an Award)

Werner Herzog (left) director of
LO AND BEHOLD, Reveries of the Connected World

Liz Garbus director of
Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper

Nate Parker -- director/screenwriter/actor
in Birth of a Nation.  He's amazing!

Nate is joined by members of his team in the Q and A
And Yes, there was skiing

DJ, Sue and Mike
After DJ and Sue left, Mike was pretty much on his own for ski fun
Here's one result

Yesterday was my day to explore Pinecone Ridge.  Panorama photo set here:

The hike to the vantage point for the photo set was no more arduous than
the high traverse (i.e. turning left) off the Jupiter chair.

I did three Pinecone runs; my first (uninformed) run led me down to the
tedious climb along the gondola road.  (But that aspen glade was awfully
nice.  Almost worth it.) My second run was my favorite; by continuing
through the next gate I had virgin snow and an easy return to King Con
chair.  Yes, it was great.

On my third run, I was curious enough to see if it would be possible to
reach Motherlode base if I pushed further up the canyon.  The map seemed
to say yes, but I had no idea of the cost.  I succeeded, but the cost was
considerable traversing and another tedious, slightly uphill walk out.
The exit was a different road - parallel to Thaynes canyon, ultimately
merging into the Thaynes run.  Lesson learned; in future visits, I will
aim for the second gate and the middle descent.