Dec 9, 2015

Concern about tall old trees too close to the house and possibly falling in a storm
led us to have them taken down.  The event was quite a show.

When I got home from my hike the first tree was well under way.

In no time it was down to the trunk

The second tree proceeded quickly.  It was exciting to watch the agility and rope handling skill of the crew. 

That man at the top really knew what he was doing. 

The ground crew also knew what they were doing.  Note no logs in the neighbor's yard.  All cut up and ready for the bobcat to pick up.

The bobcat took load after load through the woods to the street where the 6 ft logs were shredded and thrown into a waiting truck.

The remaining trunk was leveled and will be dug out next spring.

Meanwhile the crew moved on to the 3rd tree and the street crew 
continued to move logs to the shredder and haul them away.  
A very efficient operation.