Family Party
June 13, 2015

The occasion was the return of our son DJ and his wife Sue with our two grandsons from their trip to Europe. They visited Iceland, England and Ireland.  This was DJ's graduation present to the boys.

It was a happy time.  Our daughter came from Arizona, our son from Ohio, my nieces from Virginia and Pittsburgh and nephews from Morristown and Virginia.  And of course they all brought their family members with them.
We had such a good time that I completely forgot to serve the watermelon or the fresh vegetables and dip that I had planned.  No one seemed to notice though.

From Thursday through Sunday we visited, even as at times folk were on their internet connections.

Party lunch was a 6 foot Hoagie, deviled eggs and fresh fruit

1st generation cousins
Lynn, Curt and Laura

more 1st generationals
Mittie, Judy and Tom

Vdeos of Kate's acting class

2nd generation cousins got up a game of Snake Oil
It sounded hilarious

This is the third party Joe has cooked for us.

I appreciate the effort family members made to make this happening occur.  THANK YOU ALL!