A Summer evening in Ocean Grove
Saturday, August 1, 2015

The temperature was in the 90's, parking was fierce and there were lines outside every restaurant.
Yet it was a delightful evening.

We had tickets for Garrison Keillor's Farewell Tour.  It took place in the Great Auditorium where Garrison was very sensitive of the religious history.  During intermission he came down into the audience and led the audience in singing hymns.  So, unless they needed an intermission, most people stayed to enjoy the songfest.  

I have never, ever, been to a show where the performer was on for a solid three hours, disregarding intermission.  Even the band took a break while he did a monologue toward the end of the show.

Garrison is best known as host of the Minnesota Public Radio show A Prairie Home Companion  and many of his tales are about the fictional town Lake Wobegon.  This was a special opportunity for us to attend one of his performances.

That white spot between this couple is Garrison mingling with the audience. It's a big auditorium, seats 6,000 and we didn't purchase our tickets until Saturday morning.

Garrison Keillor

After the show, we walked up to the boardwalk and sat a while enjoying the blue moon over the water.  Some folk released Chinese candles over the water. Then we walked the full distance of the new (since hurricane Sandy) boardwalk  to get to our car on Broadway Ave.
A thoroughly delightful evening.