Austin's Eagle Court of Honor
was the purpose of our trip, and we made a weekend of it

Oct 11 - 14, 2014

Saturday -- Cross Country Event with Jarrett running for Fredericktown

Looking good at mid point

Parents cheer him on

Approaching finish -- still looks great

Proud parents and grandparents

Freddies -- Carla, Tom, me and Charlie are in 2nd row center, Austin in 4th row above Charlie
The Main Event
Sunday -- Austin's Eagle Court of Honor

His whole family stands behind him

A pin for his mother Carla

And a pin for his father Tom


Our Awesone Austin acknowledges the honor

Austin's Eagle project -- making a trail
Tom and I hiked it
Monday we drove to Oil City, Pa to visit cousins Patti and Steve

Charlie and his godchild Patti

Note bird on the fireplace
One of Steve's trophies
It was a beautiful drive home with fall foliage at its peak
And we had closed the pool just in time