March 23 - 28, 2014

The R.M.S. Queen Mary and Catalina Island

Classes included "The Art of the Queen Mary and a Look at Art Deco", "Port of Long Beach", "Film and Music of the RMS Queen Mary Era", "Disasters, Losses and Losers, Shipwrecks Famous and Obscure", "Slide Presentation by Ship's Officer", and "From Luxury Liner to Troopship: The Queen Mary During WWII".

Queen Mary as seen from the Aquarium in Long Beach
The white dome behind the left stack is where the Blue Spruce plane used to be displayed.  Now it's used for storage

Catalina Island

Walk to casino interrupted by moon goddess plaque

History of the island talk on 
6th floor patio of hotel
Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden

Long stairway from Wrigley Tower

Thursday afternoon - free time, so we spent it on the Zip Line.  
WHEE! Five consecutive zip lines across a canyon, ending in Descanso Cove which has a lovely beach

Friday morning the program ended and we stayed on Catalina through Sunday

Took a walk to Lovers Cove

Admired birds on the rock

Tried the Segway tour

Have to stand straight to remain stopped

Took the Skyline Drive ->

->  to the airport

Saw a fox

Road was lined on the outside with eucalyptus trees
because the roots hold the soil. 
Beats a guard rail!
Beautiful flowers everywhere