aboard Celebrity Cruise Ship Summit
June 15 - 22, 2014

Leaving USA

We pass under the Verazzona Narrows Bridge

Folks are looking back as we leave USA
Two days of open sea

It was like a giant hotel.  No turbulance.
Excellent food, a show every night.
And I read the two books I brought with me, plus most of one from the ship's library.
Bermuda - we took an island van tour 
In St George there was a re-enactment in Kings Square
where the town crier conducted an 18th century trial of a
gossip and nag

I tried out the dunking chair before the re-enactment

She's charged as a gossip and nag

She is defiant and denies the charges

Five men push the chair over the water

Still defiant

After multiple dunkings

She finally gives in and repents
From the north end of the island we enjoyed the views of the south end, including our ship at Kings Wharf


On our second day on shore I walked all around the town by the dock and toured St Peter's church
We spent the afternoon in the museum at dockside
Kings Wharf and departure on the third day

Formal night

After one day at sea, we arrive to a beautiful sunrise over the USA
The crowd on deck was sparser than it was at the start of the trip, perhaps because of the hour