Sundance Festival, 2013
Park City, Utah

plus a wonderful ski vacation with
DJ, Sue, Mike, Karen and Jason
(Thanks to whoever took the following photos. I know I only took the one of  my tickets)

Lines were awesome, even for folk who had tickets

Competition films gave a ballot to each audience member

And I was one who volunteered to count the ballots

We rode the free trolley

We ate the free veggie burgers - they were delicious.

On Main Street.  
Read about artist Bansky in the Feb 2013 Smithsonian magazine.

The point here is the variation in shade of bib legs
Mine are faded by sunlight, DJ's a bit less, Sue's not at all
We'll fix that!

Looking good on the slopes

Looking good in the condo

Last night dinner at Grub Steak

We'll be back!