March 6 through 10, 2012
Park City, Utah

Charlie & me sporting our new helmits

DJ, Charlie, me, Mike, Dan

How come Mike gets his own trail?

After-signs of avalanches
This pic was taken on the Jupiter access trail

Photographer on Sitka caught us both in one shot

DJ "fixed" my zipper problem on my Olympic jacket
(it wasn't broken!)

The dinner must have been good. Plates are empty.
Now for Bailey's in celebration of Dan's birthday

Cake was great. 
We also toasted grandson Jarrett's 10th birthday in absentia..

Unfortunately, on Saturday March 10 an out-of-control teenage snowboarder slammed into me on the Parley's Park trail.  That resulted in a toboggan ride to the base mountain, x-rays and a diagnosis of cracked rib or torn back muscle.  Not clear from x-rays, but no matter.  Nothing to do. It will heal itself. 
The new helmet proved it's worth, as I felt my head hit the ground, but it was cushioned, and so no damage (I hope).

To his credit, the teenage snowboarder did stay at the scene. He admitted guilt and gave his name and address to the ski patroller. Plus, one of his relatives made contact with Charlie at the Silverlode lift, and then the boy's mother showed up in the base medical facility to add her apology. 

What happened can't be undone, and I do thank the snowboarder's family who all showed their concern.

PS: that toboggan ride from Parley's Park involved first a skier pulling it to the Silverlode lift, then a snowmobile took it through Thaynes Canyon, then near the Spiro lift I was transferred to a minivan to drive around the mountain to the facility at the bottom of the First Time lift.  Think of all the people who coordinated that and were available to ski/drive as needed.  That's what you pay for in your lift ticket.