March16, 2012
Our plans were for me to fly home from Utah when Charlie went to Houston for his conference.  But because of the injury sustained in Park City, (see "Utah Ski, March, 2012") we changed plans and flew from Salt Lake City to Phoenix, where our daughter Laura met us at the airport.  We had a half hour visit before Charlie continued on to Houston.  Then Laura and I went to her home for an extended visit while I healed and changed my flight home to the next week..  I thoroughly enjoyed the loving care of family and every day felt better than the one before.

Green cookies for St Patrick's day.  Laura cut heart shapes and Jessica formed them into shamrocks.

Michael had his 18th birthday

Because of my extended stay, we had time for an overnight trip to Antelope Canyon in the northern part of the state.  On the way, we visited Arcosanti, the project designed by Paolo Soleri to show how architecture and ecology can work together.  Their web site is:

The Upper Antelope Canyon, near Page Arizona

The lighting changes as you walk through the canyon, and the sun moves overhead

A log wedged on the wall from a flood

On the drive home, we stopped for a short hike and view at Horseshoe Bend

Then just one other stop to view the Moen-avi(?) dinosaur tracks East of Rte 89