Hurricane Sandy
Oct 29-30, 2012

Monday night was exciting as the wind grew stronger and  two raccoons came up on our deck begging to be let in. The power went off and the sky lit up with what was probably transformers exploding.  

The next morning we saw several trees down, including one that "sacrificed itself" by landing on the chopping block Charlie uses to chop firewood.  He worked the next several days cutting it into logs.  Looks like at least two years of firewood.

Some of our neighbors had more damage

The gas lines were long
I snapped these photos through my car window while looking for some place that had ice for our cooler

We spent the next couple days close to the house, eating up all the perishable food we had. We had gas so the stove and water heater worked. We got out our camping lantern and coffee pot, made a fire in the fireplace and played Scrabble in the evenings.  
By the next week, however, the house temperature had dropped so we started eating out and going to the library for Internet access and to be warm.  Businesses  and services  were recovering.  

Thursday, November 8 -- Still no power
We planned to eat out and go to a movie to keep warm
But when we left the Outback restaurant the wind was howling, roads were slushy with snow and the temperature was dropping.
The nor'easter Athena had arrived.
Brrrrrr.  "Let's just go home".

The next morning, this was the scene in our back yard, and the house was down to 52 degrees.

This thermometer was blown off our screened porch wall and its outer casing broken.  I brought it inside and placed it by the fireplace. It is still working.

Okay.  This is no longer fun.  We checked in to a nearby Comfort Inn.
Wouldn't you know it?  Our power came back on after we left home.

At the Comfort Inn we met workers from Pennsylvania, and people who had lost their house.
And it was workers from Mississippi who restored power on our street.
We have no complaints.  We were very lucky.