August 5, 2012 -- Curiosity Landed on Mars!
DJ wrote the radar software for the descent
The family gathered to share the experience

The Planetary Society held a reception on Saturday night and Dad and I were invited.

Bill Nye the Science and Planetary Guy 
introduced DJ as the first speaker

DJ told of working on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)
and all the "what ifs" that could go wrong in the landing,
and that they programmed for (against?).

At the end, Bill Nye asked if DJ thought tomorrow's landing would be successful.
DJ's perfect response was "I don't know what could possibly go wrong!"

The two day Planetfest was held in the Pasedena Convention Center
It consisted of exhibits and talks, billed as Fun with Science and Art Show

Bill Nye the Science and Planetary Guy was the host

Rob Manning was the chief engineer of the
Mars Science Laboratory at JPL

Austin and David in the audience

Andrew asked a question of the speaker

The crowd erupted at the perfect landing

Good work DJ!

(Thanks to Judy who took this pic 
and had it on her Facebook wall within 2 minutes of the landing)


Family gathered to compliment DJ on his part in MSL
and to celebrate the 2nd time Lynn and Laura are together on their birthdays

Friday night

Susan delivered sleeping bags

Saturday we spent the day at Planetfest and all, including new arrivals met for dinner
DJ welcomed everyone

Thanks to Frank Gouveia for pic of DJ as host


Sunday brunch was the birthdays celebration

We hiked the Grand Canyon together in 1976

The family has gotten bigger since then

Some of us took a break from Planetfest for dinner and a swim


Cheescake Factory for lunch

Kidspace Children's Museum