Ski Utah,  2011

Feb 26 - March 5
Just Charlie and me

Charlie on Pioneer lift

Me in Snow Hut for 11:00 am Snickers break

Neighborhood dogs

and the MOUNTAIN!

Charlie went to LPSC meeting in Houston March 5 - 12
while DJ and Mike came in March 9 - 15

DJ's ancient skiis draw attention on the slopes
Here they are featured in the Park City Museum

1994 Lillehammer Olympics

Lots of new fun trails

For the record -- this puzzle CAN be done

Klebosky's joined us March 13 - 19

Not easy to light birthday candles
when there are no smokers in the house

Michael's all chocolate cake

All together at Mid Mountain

Charlie at Nastar

The display of Charlie's bronze medal
and Delusion ceremony

Yes, it's a fine medal

Indeed it is

I bet I can beat it

Some of us still have our 1993 Xmas shirts

On Sunday Curt, Mittie and Thomas Rooney were in town and we had dinner with them.  Monday we met again at the Mid Mountain restaurant in a snow storm.  Charlie and I got off the mountain then, but the Rooney's opted to ski another hour.  Was that a mistake?