June 5 - 8, 2011 trip to Ohio for Austin's Confirmation

Traffic was light, but the drive on Rte 80 got exciting.  Cloud formations like we've never seen before, and off and on heavy rain.  Add to that two traffic accidents within 30 miles -- we were glad to arrive safely at Tom and Carla's

The trailer on the red truck whipped around and
threw the blue truck up on the guard rail.
No one was hurt.

This happened at an exit so traffic was routed off and back onto the highway.  Two ambulances were on the scene.

Monday morning Carla, DJ and I took a hike

Carla and her twin took over the train

For a brief moment we thought we were politicians

Gotta investigate what's under that bridge

Meanwhile, back at the farm

This is the picture that Austin took

After school Tom, Kyle and Austin plus a crew of friends recruited to work, spent the rest of the afternoon into evening (five hours) baling hay and stacking it in the barn.  It was a most impressive operation.  Click here (or on either hay bale) and follow the arrows on each slide to see a step by step description of the haying process.  The slide show will open in a new window.

Tuesday morning.  Time for another hike.

The white dots are pollen from a nearby tree. It was falling like snow.

It threatened rain from the get-go but didn't deliver until near the end.


Austin's Confirmation
Tuesday, June 7, 7:00 PM

All the Byrne men