Utah Christmas Ski Week


Tom K and Charlie

Jarrett and Austin create a gingerbread tree with ornaments

On the couch: Tom, Curtis, Jessica, David,
Laura behind couch

Michael and Austin



Kate and Jessica


Charlie and Laura

Carla and Laura visit while Tom B plays pool

Kate and her new moose hat

Cousins Laura & Curt repeat an old pose

Jessica, Jarrett, Kate, Carla, Laura
 DJ in back at Main Street parade

I skiied free at Alta and was granted this pin

Grandsons Austin and Jarrett join me to record the event

The whole gang -- Carla, Laura, Michael, Kate, Tom K, Jessica, David, Jarrett, DJ, Tom B, Mary, Kyle, Charlie and Austin
outside Summit House, Park City

Condo Activities
The remodel opened up the kitchen and made it possible to have many activities -- games/conversations and even cleaning possible all at the same time.  We noted that kids used to disappear upstairs to watch TV.  Didn't happen this year. There was room for them downstairs.

Kate and Laura made scones from Grandma Rooney's recipe

Taco night at the Jeremy Ranch time share
and the DVD "Cowboys and Aliens".  Awful!

Parade in Town on Dec 21

The Mountains - and of course there was some skiing

Awesome Austin

Kyle and friend

Kate in Nastar

DJ in Nastar

Jess, you shouldn't beat on your cousin when he's down

He might get even!

Laura and boys at Alta

Boards aren't allowed at Alta