Wednesday, Nov 24
Tom, Carla, Kyle, Austin, Jarrett, Charlie, Mary and Lars arrived on Tuesday, 
 Wednesday we took two short hikes on Skyline Drive before the rest of the family came in.

On the deck of Sunridge

Family gathered at Old Wagon Lodge for a spaghetti dinner featuring Tom's famous spaghetti sauce

Very sentimental -- my sister Fran (Lynn's mother) made the white dish for me. When Lynn married Roland I gave it to her as a wedding present.  She lovingly made a flower arrangement in it for this occasion.



Thursday, Thanksgiving Day
Buffet dinner at the Skyland Resort, followed by a hike up the Stony Man Nature Trail

Austin facing the wind

Kyle in a tree

Evening activity -- Baking our traditional Christmas bread and scones -- Thanks, Laura!

Hair flying, Kate knows how to knead the dough

Shaping the loaves

Making scones -- another tradition

Dig that rolling pin


Friday, November 26 -- 50th anniversary of our wedding
We toured Luray Caverns and the Rooneys caught up with us there.
 Afterward we had a wonderful dinner cooked by Joe and Judy


Original mementos of our wedding -- ornament from the top of the cake (now surrounded with candy kisses), and our wedding album.
Also the original bills -- can you believe dinner for 125 guests at $3.00 a plate?

Grandkids Michael, Austin, David join Lynn and DJ peruse the album.

Joe grilled 15 lbs of filet mignon to perfection

Kellie and Frank stopped by for the day

Judy added au jus to those who wanted it

50 yrs -- and never a cross word! 

Ten years ago when we celebrated 40 yrs I made a slide show which is on this site.  Click here to view it.

This year I made another to cover the ten years since that celebration.  With more technology, I added music and it plays for about 9 minutes.  You'll need a PC (not a Mac) to view it. You might also need to download a very small file from Photodex for your computer to be able to play the file (your PC may prompt for it, but don't count on that). To download the file go to:

Once you have downloaded the Presenter file, then click here.

Saturday, November 27 -- we celebrated Charlie's coming birthday with traditional chocolate pies

Lots of Activity -- games, crafts, clowning around, visiting and even a chess tournament
DJ and Patrick tied in the chess tournament -- that's the official word)

Charlie's talk about his moon work

Cotton Candy

Rec Room

Scrabble with kibitzers

Yum! Brie appetizers.

No great party happens without a willing worker

Sunday most folk headed home, but Tom, Carla, Kyle, Austin, Jarrett, Lars, Charlie and I stayed one more night.  
After saying goodbyes, we took a walk on the Greenway in Luray and toured the New Market Battlefield.

Monday we had breakfast together in Sunridge Retreat and then headed for our homes.

What a wonderful family reunion!  Thank you all.