Christmas in Park City, Utah
December 19 - 26, 2009
We missed the Rooney's who got snowed in in Washington D.C.

On the Mountain

It's hard to get a picture of everyone together
But 12 out of 14 ain't bad.

David on a board

Kyle on a board

Carla, Kyle and Kate

Charlie -- who's that following?

It's Jessica!

In the Town Condo




Fresh orange juice




Tom B.

After dinner card game
while DJ burns DVD's of all our photos

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree
Tom found it discarded by side of the road on Christmas day. He brought it to the Jeremy condo, then to the town condo.
It didn't cost a cent, but provided a lot of laughs as we scrounged for toys to decorate it.

In the Jeremy Condo

Carla with new camera


Grandma, Jarrett and Jessica

Cousins hanging out

After dinner swim

Christmas Eve Party in the Jeremy Club House

Special crossword puzzle composed by Grandma



Shooting Gallery

6 (six!) Grab Bags

Tubing on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to All!

The trip home can be fun too
Here's Jarrett at Mount Rushmore