SKI UTAH -- 2005
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There are three Quicktime movies.  You might want to download them first  for better viewing

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Trail Map of Snow Basin
Site of Olympic Downhill Races in 2002

chandelier.jpg (50001 bytes)
Chandeliers in the restaurants.

4SnowBasin.jpg (50071 bytes)
First run -- we're all together

SBview.jpg (36694 bytes)
The view.

SBcharlie.jpg (36332 bytes)

SBmary.jpg (32216 bytes)

SBtoptram.jpg (40852 bytes)
Tram to the very top, where the downhill races started.
  I rode the tram both ways.

SBtopview.jpg (73258 bytes)
The view at the top.  Not much standing around space.

SBdjmikey.jpg (74757 bytes)
DJ and Mikey on the precious flat perch before putting on skiis.

SBskiis.jpg (40180 bytes)

Mikey.jpg (662793 bytes)
A short (4 frames) Quicktime movie.   Download to your PC for more control.

020_makingmovie.jpg (50767 bytes)
Night life in the condo

025_spaghetti.jpg (62190 bytes)

030_firstlesson.jpg (42552 bytes)
Ski lesson

032_PC_lift.jpg (57415 bytes)

034_Qade_PC.jpg (69473 bytes)
A Quick Learner

036_temptation.jpg (57832 bytes)

040_cookies.jpg (45398 bytes)

042_cookies2.jpg (51546 bytes)

044_cookies3.jpg (29518 bytes)

046_cookies4.jpg (57823 bytes)
Silly Putty Cookies

050_lunch.jpg (39993 bytes)

052_lunchkids.jpg (52215 bytes)

054_letsgo.jpg (61124 bytes)

056_PC_lift2.jpg (45789 bytes)

058_Kateski.jpg (34574 bytes)

Quicktime movie. Download to your PC for more control

062_birthday2.jpg (46029 bytes)
3rd Annual Birthday

070_sleepover.jpg (53555 bytes)
Cousins sleepover

MikeySki.jpg (32157 bytes)
Yet another Quicktime movie. Mikey is just so photogenic.

093_sweatshirt.jpg (42313 bytes)