Below are some video clips from our China trip.  They are all .mpg files, playable with Windows Media Player. 
Beware the file size on download.  Don't even try it on a dialup connection.
For best results, you probably should download the .mpg file to your PC.  Then your Media Player can show it full screen.


FILE SIZE in Megs Playing Time
Tiananmen Square 10.3 1 min
Welcome dinner featured Peking Duck carved on the spot.  8.3  50 secs
Flat Stanley on THE WALL.   Craig, Melinda, Richard and Mary went the furthest.  7.8  45 secs
Peking Opera 11  1min 5 secs
Xian dancing and singing in the square 25.4 2min 30 secs
Hangshou to Shanghai train ride 17.3 1min 40 secs
Flat Stanly at Childrens Palace  12.5  1min 15 secs
Childrens Palace -- 1st Class  5.3  30 secs
Childrens Palace -- 2nd Class (the Itsy Bitsy Spider) 24.8  2min 25 secs
Childrens Palace -- Solo performers 22  2min 10secs
Dumpling making in Shanghai shopping center  6.3  43 secs
Silk Factory 24.9 2 min 25 secs
Li River  -- note our boat captain being shooed out of the kitchen of the neighboring boat 34 3min 20 secs
Albert and Carolyn with Panda 10.2 1 min
Food market 28 2min 50 secs
Kelly Wei remarks at farewell dinner  7.5 45 secs