Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude treated NYC to a unique display in Central Park for two weeks in February.  They called it "The Gates".  We, with our long-time friends Norma and Bill Hockenjos,  took a day -- Friday, Feb 18 -- to see what it seemed to us.

We walked a bit, then took the tram which circled the entire Park in an hour, allowing passengers to got off/on at designated stops.  We got off at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and spent a couple hours there.  Then back on the tram to complete the tour.   

It was a fun thing.  Nothing I'd like to have in Central Park permanently.  But for two weeks it brought people out in a holiday spirit walking and enjoying the spectacle.  People smiled at one another.  It was friendly. We even got a free sample of the material from one of the workers.

Following is a slide show of photos we took during the day, with a few added from my hiking friend Jackie Behson's day there. 

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