Jamie is the Director of Operations at the Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks, and Ben works down the road at the Blue Mountain Camp.  These two are devoted to the outdoors and they invited their guests to spend the weekend and experience their lifestyle.  The entire Camp Sagamore was filled to capacity with wedding guests.  It was a very special weekend.

To learn more about Camp Sagamore,  go to http://www.sagamore.org

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The barbeque Friday night was followed by storyteller Bill Smith in the Playhouse, then a bonfire and marshmallow toasting.  Saturday morning there was a choice of canoeing, hiking or Camp tour. 

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The wedding ceremony started with the bride and groom approaching each other in canoes, but like ships in the night, they passed and he came ashore while she went around the point to next appear walking down the aisle on the arm of her father.

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After an elegant sit-down dinner in the dining hall, the guests celebrated with a lively square dance

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Sunday morning the party moved down the road to Ben's camp for a delicious brunch.  The two families knew each other a little better now, and said Good-Bye with a warm feeling toward each other and a heartfelt thanks to Jamie and Ben for sharing this great experience.