Alberta:   My mother once said "She shared her joys with us, and kept her troubles to herself". 

In the half century I've shared with Alberta that was certainly true. When Leo first introduced her to me we were both in college and became instant friends. We would sit up all night talking until the sun came up. Then we'd hurry to bed before my mother woke to scold us.

I've gathered a few photos here to remember her life, and some of the times we've shared.

Leo and Alberta on their wedding day, August 16, 1952

Alberta's first year sixth grade class

Decorating the car for Fran's wedding, 1954

Showing their newly purchased property, 1956
That's Fran holding Judy, Alberta, and Leo is holding Lars

1958 - Alberta tries to organize the cousins for a photo
Left to right: Alberta, Judy Gouveia, David, Carol and Bobby Fahringer, Lars Rooney, and baby Frank Gouveia in front

Godparents for our first baby, Tom, June, 1962

Laura's first communion

With Grandma Rooney and the Christmas bread, 1976

Thanksgiving, 1977

Alberta and Leo, 1978

Thanksgiving, 1999 in Scottsdale. Alberta and the boys on our after dinner walk.

She finished knitting this sweater for Kate while the boys watched TV, November, 1999

This is our Thanksgiving weekend, 1999 and our first view of Sedona, Az

In October, 2000 Alberta (second from left) joined me and my hiking buddies in Utah