Grand Cayman Vacation, Dec 1-8, 2001

Charlie and I took a timeshare swap to Grand Cayman.  We managed four scuba dives, some snorkeling, and one exceptional hike through one of the last tracts of primary evergreen woodland left on the island.  Other than that, there was nothing to do there.

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We stayed at the Morritt's Tortuga Club on the East End

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On Sunday we did two shallow (50-60') dives
and on Wednesday we did one shallow and one deep (100') wall dive

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I left my camera in the car at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, but retraced my steps as far as these iguanas to snap these photos. These two iguanas are in captivity, but there were others free ranging along our walk.

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We visited the Pedro St. James Castle where we got a good presentation of the island's history

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A short visit to Georgetown (where the cruise ships stop) convinced us to heed everyone's advice and spend the rest of our time on the quieter East End.   But we did enjoy drinks and the sunset in Georgetown.

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Back at our resort there was an evening fire and limbo performer on the back deck. The wind gave him trouble but he managed to give an impressive show nevertheless.

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We took a catamaran snorkel trip to Stingray City and to a nearby reef

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Rum Point -- a delightful place to spend an afternoon
followed by dinner on the dock at the Lighthouse restaurant

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Mastic Trail with guide Geddes Hislop

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