In an email (Nov, 2000) from Patrick Gerrity (person #30 in the Gerrity Family tree), he told of his involvement in a project filmed in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  

"It's called "Stories from the Mines" and is about mining in NE PA and the 1902 coal strike and John Mitchell and the Presidents Commission. In November, 1999 Michael played the part of the breaker boy giving testimony before the commission. They filmed in the actual courtroom where the testimony took place in 1902 and Mike's testimony was taken verbatim from the original transcript of the boys testimony. 

In August, 2000 they filmed a recreation of Mike's testimony and asked me to play his father. We filmed in Eckley Miner's Village (where the Molly Maguires w/ Sean Connery and Richard Harris was filmed).  The scene had Mike on the porch with his family members when two striking miners come along and pull him from the porch to teach him a lesson. It is at this time that I come limping from behind the house, in an effort to protect Mike. As I limp towards the attackers, I am hit on the head with a rock (thrown by aforementioned attackers), fall to the ground and get beat up.  It was, needless to say, an interesting day.  With the family's history in coal mining, it was an honor for me to sacrifice my head for the show."

The premiere was October 28th  at the Robert Mellow Theater and simulcast live on Channel 44, the PBS channel. At a later date it was shown on the History Channel. Below are a couple of pictures taken that day.

13 year old Mike portrayed the breaker boy giving testimony during the hearing. He also played:

    the boy picking coal with his mother and sister on a culm dump,
    the boy playing with his toys as his mother does the wash,
    the boy picking up potatoes when the peddler drops them,
    the dead miner they drop on the tracks and cover with burlap

Also, the production assistant, Richard Hennigan is Pat's nephew.  Patricia Rosetti, acknowledged in the credits, is his sister-in-law and the E.J.Dougher credited with voiceovers is the great-great-grandson of John Gerrity, brother of Mary Gerrity Curtis.