Thanksgiving, 1996

New this year are Austin Cale, born on July 2 to Tom and Carla Byrne, and David Allen,  born on August 22 to Tom and Laura Klebosky.

As it happened, Anita and Wayne Mason (California) decided to visit the Tedeschi's (Pennsylvania) for Thanksgiving this year, and so Judith and Joe Osborne (Virginia) said "While they're so close, we'll drive up there too". Once at Tedeschi's house, it was only four more hours to Ohio, and the party moved on. Friday we all visited at Laura and Tom's house, and Saturday at Tom and Carla's farm where the girls got into the pig pen and created a very pungent aroma to be endured by all on the ride back to Tedeschi's house.

DJ Byrne brought his digital camera to capture some moments of this memorable Thanksgiving.

Tom and David Klebosky

Mary Byrne and Leo Rooney with David

Leo and Alberta Rooney

Michael and Laura Klebosky

David K. and Grandma Byrne

Playing Scrabble -- Leo Rooney, Laura & Tom  Klebosky, Charlie Byrne

Frank Osborne and Kyle Byrne

Jennifer Mason and Frank Osborne

Michael Klebosky and Jennifer Mason

Laura, Tom, Michael, and David Klebosky
Renee in the background

Tom and Carla Byrne
with baby Austin

Renee Deeds, a close friend of Laura and Tom, and "Aunt" to Michael

Kids outside, quiet inside.

Tom performing the ritual of Quality Assurance on Laura's Christmas bread.

And down to some serious eating!

Laura, Anita, Wayne and Carly

Lynn and Laura cooking

Judith holds David while Stefania, Carly eat. Emma in background.

Carly Mason

Jennifer Mason

Frank Osborne

Patrick Osborne

Emma Tedeschi

Maria Tedeschi

Stefania Tedeschi

The house.

tday96.jpg (39291 bytes)
STANDING: Leo & Alberta Rooney, Emma & Lynn Tedeschi, Anita Mason, Carla & Tom Byrne holding Austin & Kyle, Charlie and Mary Byrne.  SEATED: Judith, Frank and Joe Osborne with Patrick on Judith's lap, DJ Byrne, Stefania and Maria Tedeschi , Wayne Mason, Laura & Tom Klebosky holding Michael and David, Renee Deeds kneeling. SEATED ON FLOOR: Carly and Jennifer Mason