Goebel Album

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In August, 1999 we discovered this photo among the "stuff" in our basement.. Written on the back, in Evelyn Joy Byrne's handwriting is "Grandmother & Grandfather Joy".  That's all we know about these ancestors. 



 Anna Humphrey sent these photos to me

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Adam Gable. He fought in
the French Prussian War.

../../treephotos/Goebel/LouisaSittig.jpg (129545 bytes)
Louisa Sittig Gable, wife of Adam.

Louisa_kids.jpg (53088 bytes)
Louisa Sittig with  Ann Humphrey
& Bill Boos Jr., at 260 Second St.

AliceEvhorse.jpg (36015 bytes)
Allice Humphrey, Evelyn Joy,
Ketchums Farm1924

Ev.jpg (24268 bytes)
Evelyn Joy

EdAnnMaryEv.jpg (23273 bytes)
Front: Edith Joy, Ann Humprey.
Rear: Mary Joy, Evelyn Joy

oncliff.jpg (31675 bytes)
Alice Humphrey, Margaret
Boos, Evelyn Joy,
Table Rock Ladder 1924

../../trees/Goebel/AnneFredH.jpg (128577 bytes)
Ann & Fred Humphrey with Humphrey, Albany Mounted Police Unit. Horse Farm, Normanskill 9/22/94.

These are from the attic in 354 Delaware Ave, Albany.  They belonged to Eleanor Grinton

Eleanoryoung.jpg (57250 bytes)
Eleanor Grinton

dinner.jpg (81200 bytes)
?, Eleanor Grinton, Aunt Lizzie, Vietch Grinton, ?, Anna, Banjamin and Bertha Humphrey (maybe)
Grintons1913.JPG (56703 bytes)
Mama, Albert and Vietch Grinton, 1913 written on back of photo
4kids.jpg (82651 bytes)
Alice, Anna and Bennie Humphry, William E. Boos sitting on the crate
  gravestones.jpg (103914 bytes)
Gravestones of Gironda Grinton, Charlotte Wareing, William L. Grinton