Byrne Albums

These first pictures are selected from Evelyn Byrne's album.

family.jpg (112833 bytes)

Charles and Evelyn Byrne with baby Charles

CJBbaby.jpg (16923 bytes)
Charles Byrne Jr.


CJBdadgma.jpg (33164 bytes)
Charles Byrne Jr. with Grandma and Dad 7/19/36


CJBkid.jpg (25456 bytes)
Charles Byrne Jr.

picnic.jpg (529210 bytes)
Margaret, Rita, Vince, Bill, Jean & Les Byrne, Rosemary Buenau with baby Judy Byrne. Nancy Buenau is child on the table.

BuenauMar5_1950.jpg (51053 bytes)
Harold & Rose Buenau with Nancy and Mike

LesJean.jpg (54051 bytes)
Les and Jean Byrne wedding. Charles Byrne is best man. Betty Townsend is bridesmaid.

Buenaukids.jpg (184126 bytes)
Buenau kids. Patti & Michael standing. Kate, Marge and Nancy seated.

CJBgrad.jpg (30996 bytes)
Charles Byrne Jr. with Mom and Dad at graduation from RPI, 1956


Margaret Byrne's Album

In 1994 Bill and Rita Byrne lost their home to fire. The good news is that one photo album survived -- one that Bill's mother had put together thru the years. All the photos below are from that album. The captions are pretty much as she wrote them, so relationships refer to Margaret McCullough Byrne.


Mama_Jos.jpg (42211 bytes)
Mama & Josephine (Mama's Godmother)
gma1907.jpg (53533 bytes)

Sept 29th, 1907
Papa is 3rd from left

who6.jpg (46146 bytes)

AuntGert.jpg (45938 bytes)
Aunt Gert
mama.jpg (15827 bytes)

AuntAnn.jpg (49861 bytes)
Aunt Ann


mapaAGert.jpg (44096 bytes)
Mama, Papa and Aunt Gert
Gertrude.jpg (17553 bytes)
frank.jpg (30256 bytes)
frank2.jpg (15777 bytes)
frank3.jpg (23337 bytes)
Margaret.jpg (50176 bytes)
Maria.jpg (71755 bytes)
who2.jpg (23175 bytes)
who5.jpg (24880 bytes) kidsonsteps.jpg (35824 bytes)
Margaret & Frank,George Klein, Gertrude, Tess

McCullough2.jpg (23039 bytes)
McCullough children, Margaret top row left

GKlein82.jpg (40676 bytes)
Grandma Klein on her 82 birthday

gmaparty.jpg (78176 bytes)

Grandma's Birthday, 28 Deleware St.
Henry Henzel, Uncle George, Peter & Ada Klein, Uncle Joe, Josephine H, Papa, Aunt Ann, John Klein, Aunt Jennie, cousin Mary Klein, Grandma, Mama & Annette, Aunt Mary Klein, Frank, Gertrude, Margaret, Tessie, George & Josie Klein

mamapapa.jpg (74422 bytes)
Mama & Papa

whoall.jpg (55272 bytes)
Margaret in top row
who3.jpg (22529 bytes)
Anna Etzel
who4.jpg (19335 bytes) who.jpg (13787 bytes)
WVBkid.jpg (18263 bytes) WVBkid2.jpg (14305 bytes) WVBkid3.jpg (17996 bytes) WVBkid4.jpg (13240 bytes)

William Vincent Byrne, Sr

Margkid3.jpg (25190 bytes) Margkid2.jpg (20147 bytes) GHempeldog.jpg (41341 bytes)
George Henzel, photographer
MameByrne_small.jpg (2288 bytes)
Mame (O'Neil) Byrne

Margaret McCullough

MargByrne_small.jpg (2221 bytes)

Margaret McCullough engagement, 1927

WVinceByrne_small.jpg (2256 bytes)

William Vincent Byrne, 1927

Billkid.jpg (45154 bytes)

Bill Byrne, Jr


CJBgma.jpg (66823 bytes)

Charles Byrne and Grandma Byrne

Byrnesnflag.jpg (55053 bytes)
Margaret, Vince and Bill Byrne Jr.

Billproof.jpg (33516 bytes)
Bill Byrne, Jr

Ritaproof.jpg (62837 bytes)
RitaBill.jpg (36912 bytes)
Rita and Bill
Rita.jpg (28858 bytes)
Ritapinup.jpg (30570 bytes) Ritapinup2.jpg (42892 bytes)
Billskids2.jpg (48712 bytes)
Bill III, Mary Ellen and Vinnie Byrne