PHOTOS -- After 1945

Fran_grad45.jpg (27011 bytes)
Frances Rooney, 1945
High School Graduation
Allentown, Pa

Laura_Mndham.jpg (32392 bytes)
Laura Rooney
in Mendham, NJ schoolyard

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Mary Jones, dietician
Frances Rooney, nurse

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Leo Rooney,1946
Senior year of High School

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Frances Rooney

Leo_sailor.jpg (15327 bytes)
Leo Rooney 19th birthday,
July 13, 1947

MaryR_grad49.jpg (31057 bytes)

Matilda and Ray Jones, Grandma Landers,Lawrence Larson, Frances and Mary Rooney
Morristown High School Graduation, June 24, 1949

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My graduation gift was a trip West with my mother, Laura (she could still get passes on the railroad for me since I wasn't 18 yet). We stopped enroute to visit Tom Larson and his family in Butte, Mont., then to Spokane, Wash where Elizabeth and John Winter lived. John drove us to Longview, Wash to visit Johanna and Leo Gallagher. Later, Johanna, my mother and I went by train to Seattle and over to Bainbridge Island to view changes to the shipyard where they both had worked during the War.

picnic_Butte.jpg (29099 bytes)
Laura Rooney in Butte, Montana
Tom Larson's wife Catherine, Tom and daughter Molly, July 14, 1949

TomLarson49.jpg (37431 bytes)
Tom Larson, 1949, Butte,Montana
(Tom is the son of William Larson in the Gerrity tree)

TCurtis_grave.jpg (13790 bytes)
Gravesite of Thomas and Ella Curtis, 
Butte, Montana
Catherine and Tom Larson and daughter Molly, and Laura Rooney. July, 1949

Longview49.jpg (17473 bytes)
Laura, Johanna and Leo, Elizabeth. Mary in front. Baby is Barbara Winter, 3 mos old.

shipyardoors.jpg (25147 bytes)
The exit doors my mother used to come through After a day's work. Her number was 3704.

shipyard49.jpg (28145 bytes)
Johanna views the deserted shipyard. 1949.

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Leo_grad.jpg (19104 bytes) Leo_gradnews.jpg (20597 bytes)
Leo Rooney
College graduation, 1952
Announcement from the Morristown Daily Record

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Leo Rooney, Alberta Maydock on wedding day, August 16, 1952

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Mary Rooney graduate of NJC, 1953. Math major.  Frances in background

Fran_bride.jpg (14281 bytes)
Frances Rooney married
Ernie Gouveia, Nov, 1955
MaryCharlie_wed.jpg (16586 bytes)
Mary Rooney married Charlie Byrne, Nov 26, 1960

Get Togethers

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Matilda and Ray with backs to camera, Laura, Mary, Alberta, Lars and Leo Rooney. 1957

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The Jones living room, Matilda Jones, Laura Rooney, Johanna Gallagher, Lawrence Larson, Alberta and Leo Rooney. Mary Rooney seated on floor. 1957

Al_kids.jpg (26549 bytes)
Alberta and Lars Rooney corral baby Frank Gouveia while Judy Gouveia, David, Carol and Bobby Fahringer look on. 


Leo and Al, 1959

MemDay_1960.jpg (12769 bytes)
Every Memorial Day the family met at Pringle Hill Cemetary. Here in 1960 are Lawrence Larson, Leo Rooney, Charlie Byrne and Mary Rooney standing, and Matilda Jones, Laura Rooney, and Lars Rooney kneeling.


GLandersCurt.jpg (14855 bytes)
Grandma Landers with Curtis Rooney, May 30, 1963


4generations1963.jpg (46473 bytes)
Four generations -- Leo and Grandma Rooney standing
Lars, Great Grandma Landers holding baby Curtis
Laura_chrstng.jpg (18710 bytes)
Laura Rooney with namesake
Laura Byrne at her Christening,
August 25, 1963

AlM1967.jpg (13024 bytes)
Alfred and Marian Smith 
Christmas, 1967 in Seattle, Washington

JoLeo_50th.jpg (12834 bytes)
Johanna and Leo Gallagher on the morning they started for Calif. to "celebrate our Golden wedding anniversary in the midst of our West Coast Calif relatives." 
March 3, 1968.
Johan4gens.jpg (34623 bytes)
Four generations:
Standing: Joan and Elizabeth Winter, Seated: Barbara Bowles, Johanna Gallagher, Janna Bowles
Christmas, 1974

3inLongview.jpg (15881 bytes)
Leo Gallagher, Laura Rooney, JohannaGallagher

xmas1971.jpg (9436 bytes)
Evelyn Byrne, Sally Nile, Laura Rooney, Mary Maydock, Mrs Gouveia -- Christmas 1971. 
Note, these are the mothers-in-law of all three of  Laura's children

3Rooneys79.jpg (14042 bytes)
First time the 3 Rooney "kids" (that always makes Alberta laugh) were together in 17 years, all 3 at once. August, 1979

../Albums/Mom_Jones_AC.jpg (18781 bytes)
Laura Rooney, Joyce,
Raymond and Matilda Jones
in Atlantic City, NJ

../Albums/in AC.jpg (22394 bytes)
Mary Jones, Aletha, Valerie, Matilda, Raymond, Joyce, Betty Magners, Laura Rooney.  In front: Susanne and Laura Ann

../Albums/inAC2.jpg (8855 bytes)
Valerie, Laura Rooney, Joyce, Gregory, Matilda.  In front: Brian, Laura Ann, Susanne

4inAC.jpg (14535 bytes)
Elizabeth Winter, Raymond Jones II, Laura Rooney. In front: Dan Byrne, 197?