Photos 1901 - 1925
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Lsisters1905.jpg (39736 bytes)
Larson sisters, 1905
Mary, Johanna, Matilda, Laura

hwhouse.jpg (188592 bytes)

High Works house in Scranton
1228 Stanton St.
Replaced in the 1980's

hwhouse1.jpg (191507 bytes)
Enlargement of figures in photo at left.
Ma Larson on left, daughter Laura in front.
Woman in shadow probably Aunt Annie Coursey

larsonhouse.jpg (111051 bytes)
Olaf, Sarah and Laura Larson on porch of Larksville home

hw9.jpg (37028 bytes)
Ma Larson, Aunt Annie Coursey and Laura
 on porch of High Works house (probably 1916)

ButteMiners.jpg (653502 bytes)
Silver Bow Copper Mines, Butte, Montana
Around 1900 after 1902 strike
Lawrence Larson - bottom left at 16 yrs
Thamas Larson - second from left in second row at 14 yrs

miners2.jpg (303638 bytes)
Silver Bow Miners, Butte, Montana. 
Tom Lawson standing 4th from left. 1902

The city of Butte was a mile high. And the Silver Bow Mines were a mile deep

hwfolks_small.jpg (1623 bytes)
Some High Works folk
On highest step, Steve Coursey and Tom Gerrity (son of Peter Gerrity). 
x marks Martin Gilboy
Can't identify the others.

grrooney.jpg (57744 bytes)
Will Rooney's mother in Edwardsville, Pa. 
with her grandsons William and Frank Rooney 
and Thomas Ryan (her daughter Mary's son)

youngFrank3.jpg (72183 bytes)
Frank Rooney

Frankid.jpg (145704 bytes)
Frank Rooney

Minnie_young.jpg (175900 bytes)
Minnie Rooney 
when she lived on Wright St in Kingston, Pa, 
with Frank and William Jr, the baby

EmmetGC2.jpg (2037274 bytes)

Emmet Glee Club from Kingston, Pa.,
on vacation with families in Atlantic City, NJ. 
Will Rooney 5th from left in front row. Wife Minnie sitting directly in back of him

Hibernians.jpg (142678 bytes)
Hibernian Club
Front row: _,_,_,Price
Middle row: Will Rooney,_, John Gallagher, _,_
Back row: _,_,_,John J. Maher, _

Frank_Bill.jpg (149132 bytes)
Frank and Bill Rooney

Frank_Mahons.jpg (91717 bytes)
Frank Rooney with his aunts Alice and Ann Mahon

lgirls.jpg (112393 bytes)
Mary, Matilda, and Laura Larson, 
a neighbor Mary Connor in front

Butte1908.jpg (86842 bytes)
525 Copper St, Butte, Montana, 1910. Left to right: Thomas & Ella Curtis, John McBride, Michael McMannaman, Mr., Thomas, Mrs, & William Munley, Thomas, Laura, Sarah Jane, & Lawrence Larson, Margaret McBride

Laura_class.jpg (377135 bytes)
Miss Jacobs Class, 1912

Ma_dghtrs.jpg (52591 bytes)
Ma Larson with daughters Mary, Johanna, Matilda

Ma_inAC.jpg (147899 bytes)
Mary Larson and Ma 
in Atlantic City

AtlCity.jpg (1281607 bytes)
Johanna, Mary Gallagher, 
and Matilda in AC

annie_Ma.jpg (62715 bytes)
Ma and Aunt Annie Coursey

stroud_bldg.jpg (63155 bytes)
East Stroudsburg State Normal School, 1919-1920.  Boys Dormitory and Practice School

stroud_friends3.jpg (45425 bytes)
Laura Larson on top step. Margaret Honor and Evaline Simoson in front

Mayday.jpg (316727 bytes)

May Day, at East Stroudsburg SNS, 1920

stroudcar.jpg (61722 bytes)
At E. Stroudsburg SNS.   Laura Bailer and Laura Larson on running board

maypole.jpg (62100 bytes)

Laura Larson

Laura_diploma.jpg (81827 bytes)
Laura Larson


cycle2.jpg (280106 bytes)
Laura and Henry Wolfe 
after a motorcycle ride to Pocono Pines, 1923 
(Do they look like 1960's?)


babyliz.jpg (60564 bytes)
Elizabeth Gallagher

JoLeoMarnLiz.jpg (26913 bytes)
Johanna & Leo Gallagher with Marian Larson and Elizabeth Gallagher

annie_cour.jpg (101789 bytes)
Aunt Annie Coursey --  declining years spent in Larksville under Sarah Jane's loving care

AgGerrity.jpg (26012 bytes)
Ag Gerrity (1880-1944)

Mariansfather.jpg (19976 bytes)
Joseph Larson


Marian2.jpg (26612 bytes)
Marian Larson, about 1920. Unknown man in background

MM1922.jpg (10856 bytes)
Martha and Marian Larson. About 1921


EddyMarian.jpg (14464 bytes)
Marian and Eddy Larson, early 1920's

Marian5.jpg (20244 bytes)
Marian Larson, about 5 yrs old

LarsonsMotts.jpg (18300 bytes)
Left column, Lillian and Elmer Mott (Martha's brother. Lillian was his wife) and Eddie Larson. Right column, Marthy Larson, Stan Sharp and Marian Larson.


EM1924.jpg (22681 bytes)
Marian and Edward Larson, 1924. Probably taken in Rochester, NY. Perhaps at Lake Erie.

EdMarian.jpg (26088 bytes)
Edward and Marian Larson. Probably taken at the beach in Los Angeles in the mid-1920's

rockyglen2.jpg (48904 bytes)
Frank and Laura, Madelaine Rush, Mary Larson, Clarence Rush at Rocky Glen, an amusement park.

Frank's favorite picture of Laura

RayJohnFrank.jpg (85937 bytes)
Ray Jones, John Smith (Kathleen Saxe's husband), Frank Rooney

FrankRooney.jpg (230182 bytes) 
Frank Rooney

Laura_pic.jpg (627196 bytes)

Laura Larson