CENSUS RECORDS for Gerrity Family Tree
(? indicates I can't make out the handwriting)

1851 Leeds, England
Township of Leeds, Ecclesiastical District of Leeds Parish, Borough of Leeds, Town of Leeds

20 Gouldens Buildings.  Each person who abode in the house on the Night of the 30th March, 1851
Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born
Thomas Gerraughty Head Married ? Bricklayer Labourer Ireland
Mary Wife Married 35 none Ireland
Mary -- crossed out       "runaway"? crossed out Ireland
John Son W 12 Mill Worker Ireland
Peter Son W 6? or 4?   Ireland
Emma Daughter W 3   Leeds, York
Honnor Daughter W 1   Leeds, York

And here's an entry from the Armley jail in Leeds, 1851 (an MS Word file).  Could it be the John who appears in Scranton in 1870?


1861 Leeds, England
Pat Gerrity obtained these pages from the Mormon Church

39 Middle Row  (This area was located south-west of the Goulden's buildings in an area known as Armley, south of the river Aire and probably about 2 to 3 miles from the Goulden's Buildings.)
The last six lines of the above show James Curtis age 30, wife Mary age 24, daughter Mary A age 4, William age 2 and Thomas (10 months?).
The last entry is another Mary (not Curtis) age 20, possible a lodger?
You may click on each of the above pages to see an enlargement (files are large - be patient).

1870 US Census
3rd Ward, Scranton, Luzerne Co, Pa
I doubt these next two are ours, but I have a copy of the census page in my file, so I include them here

Page 39, FHL 552867
Name Age Occupation Value of Personal Estate Birthplace Can Read Can write
John Gerrity 50 Labourer 100 Ireland 1 1
Mary 43 Keeping House   Ireland 1 1
John 17 Labourer   Penna 1 1
Bridget 16 At Home   Penna    
Thomas 15 Driver in Mine   Penna    
Jonus 12 Gate Tender in Mine   Penna    
Margaret 10 Attend School   Penna    
Honora 7 Attend School   Penna    
Anne 4     Penna    

Michael Gerrity 40 Labourer 150 Ireland 1 1
Bridget Gerrity 41 Keeping House   Ireland 1 1

Pat Gerrity (person #30 in our Gerrity Tree) has done more research, and in an email Nov'02 said:

Mary,  I believe the John Gerrity and Michael Gerrity you have in the 1870
census, living in the High Works are Thomas Gerrity's (b-1810) brothers.
 Too many coincidences.  In 1861, Michael Gerrity lived in the basement of
#20 Goulden's Building in Leeds.  He has to be a relation.  In 1870 John
Gerrity and Michael Gerrity own property in the High Works, in 1888, the
property owned by John Gerrity is now owned by Patrick Sheridan.  In 1870,
Patrick Sheridan was a lodger in the Pittston home of John Gerritty and in
August of  1871, he was the godfather to John and Anna Walsh Gerritty's
daughter, Bridget Gerritty Dougher.  Anna Gerritty was the godmother.  I
believe this to be Annie Coursey.  Also, in 1898, the property where Johnny
and Mary Gerrity McNulty later owned their store, was owned by John Gerrity.
 This I believe is the John Gerrity from the High Works.  As I said, there
are too many coincidences for me not to come to this conclusion.  Carrying
this a bit further, according to the naming process of Irish families, I
would venture an educated guess to say that our great-great-great
grandfather, was named John and was probably born circa 1785.  Of course
this is all an educated guess but I would stand by it all on one foot.
      Also, I have documents that state Annie Gerrity arrived here in 1871,
as did Sarah Jane according to the 1900 Luzerne County census.  I would
guess that this is also when Thomas and Mary Munley arrived with Winnie.
 Annie was naturalized in 1882, I'm going to check that out and see if I can
get a month in 1871 that she arrived.  The 1900 census states that Thomas
Curtis arrived in 1869.  I will have to check the SS Minnesota again.   The
quest continues.  Talk to you later.  Pat



June, 1880
3rd Ward, Scranton, Pa,  Lackawanna County

Page no. 29, Supervisor's Dist No 5, Enumeration Dist No 55
Person whose place of abode on 1st day of June 1880 was in this family.
Stanton Street 
Name Age Relation Occupation

Place of birth

Self Father Mother
Thomas Gerrity 70   Laborer Ireland Ireland Ireland
Mary 60 Wife Keeping house Ireland Ireland Ireland
Bridget Bartty 7 Adopted   Penna Ireland England
Thomas Curtis 16 Grandson Driving in mine England Ireland Ireland
Stephen Coursy 2 months Grandson   Penna Ireland England
If Mary was 35 in 1851 in Leeds census, she should be 64 now, in 1880
Bridget Bartty was the daughter of Thomas and Winnie (Gerrity) Battle. We've also seen that name as Bantelle.
Family lore is that Thomas Curtis's father was English, not from Ireland
According to the Leeds Diocesan Archives, Thomas Curtis (son of James Curtis and Mary Geraghty) was born on May 27, 1860 and was baptized at St. Anne's Church on June 3, 1860. His godparents were Thomas Geraghty and Mary Mulhearn.   
Stephen Coursey's mother and father -- where are they? Why is he living with grandparents? 
Sarah Jane Curtis is not mentioned. Maybe she was working as a servant in another house.

An email from Pat Gerrity suggests why Stephen Coursey was with his grandparents:

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 14:27:26 EST
... I believe Stephen
Coursey's parents were living in Green Ridge at the time on Van Storch
Avenue.  Haven't been able to locate them on the census yet but I do know
that Thomas Coursey lived there and worked in a mine in Green Ridge.  Annie
could have been in the process of moving out due to the trouble between the
two.  It was later on, after Thomas was hurt in the mine in Green Ridge that
he moved back into the Stanton Street house and Annie took care of him.  She
was apparently quite forgiving.  


Fulton St

Name Age Relation Occupation

Place of birth

Self Father Mother
Peter Gerrity 30   Mine Laborer Ireland Ireland Ireland
Bridget 25 Wife Keeping house Ireland Ireland Ireland
Mary Ann 4 Daughter   Penna Ireland Ireland
Bridget 1 Daughter   Penna Ireland Ireland
In 1900 census, Peter's birthdate is given as April 1847. That would make him 33 (not 30) here.
Also, in 1900 census, Agnes was born Jan 1880. Is this Bridget?





1900 Luzerne County, Plymouth Township, Pa

Luzerne County, Plymouth Township, Supervisor's District No. 6, Enumeration District No. 131,  Line 8
Name Relation Date of Birth Age  No of years married

Place of Birth

Year of immi- gration to US Years in US Natural -ization Occupation
Self Father Mother
Oliver Larson Head July,1849 50 16 Sweden Sweden Sweden 1872 28 79? Miner
Sarah Wife Aug,1865 34 16 England England England 1871 28    
William Son July, 1882 17   Penna Sweden England       Mine Labor?
Lawrence Son Feb, 1885 15   Penna Sweden England       Driving in Mines
Thomas Son Dec, 1886 13   Penna Sweden England       Driving in Mines?
Johanna Daughter April,1889 11   Penna Sweden England       At school
Joseph Son Feb, 1891 9   Penna Sweden England       At school
Matilda Daughter Dec, 1895 4   Penna Sweden England        
Mary Daughter June 1898 1   Penna Sweden England        
All (adults) could read/write and spoke English
Owned own home

1900 Silver Bow County, Montana

Roll 914 Book 1, Page 223a
Name Relation Date of Birth Age  No of years married

Place of Birth

Year of immi- gration to US Years in US Natural -ization Occupation
Self Father Mother
Thomas Curtis Head June 1863 36   England Ireland Ireland 1869 30 Na? County Game Warden
Ella Wife Aug 1858 41   Penna Ireland Ireland        
See notes after 1880 census.  Thomas, until his death, claimed 1863 as his birth year. 




1900 Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
Roll 1420 Book 1, Page 137a

1228 Stanton St
Name Relation Date of Birth Age No of years married

Place of Birth

Year of immi- gration to US Years in US Natural -ization Occupation
Self Father Mother
Thomas Coursie Head May 1850 50 28 Ireland Ireland Ireland 1870 30 Na Coal Miner
Ann Wife Apr 1850 50 28 Penna Ireland Ireland        
Stephen Son May 1880 20   Penna Ireland Penna       Coal Miner
Michael Son June 1882 18   Penna Ireland Penna       Coal Miner
None could read/write.  All spoke English
Ann born in Penna?  The family was in Leeds, England in the 1851 census
Ann mother of 2, and 2 living

1116 Fulton St
Name Relation Date of Birth Age No of years married

Place of Birth

Year of immi- gration to US Years in US Natural -ization Occupation
Self Father Mother
Peter Gerrity Head Apr 1847 53 28? Ireland Ireland Ireland 1869 31 al? Coal Miner
Bridget Wife Mar 1855 45 28? Ireland Ireland Ireland        
Mary Daughter May 1877 23   Penna Ireland Ireland       Laundress
Agnes Daughter Jan 1880 20   Penna Ireland Ireland        
Thomas Son Oct 1881 18   Penna Ireland Ireland       Coal Miner
Margaret Daughter Mar 1885 15   Penna Ireland Ireland       At school
Patrick Son Jan 1887 13   Penna Ireland Ireland       Day Laborer
All could read/write, spoke English.  Owned their home
Bridget was mother of 7 children, 5 living


1920 Luzerne County, Larksville Borough
Supervisor's district no 8, Enumeration district no 116, 7th Ward

24 McGinnis St   Sheet No. 9, Line 5
Name Relation Age Yr of entry to US Natural -ization

Place of Birth

Self Father Mother
Sara J Larson Head 54 ? ? England England England  
John Burke Boarder 33 ? 1912 Ireland Ireland Ireland Miner
Matilda Daughter 24     Penna Sweden England Weaver, Silk Mill
Mary Daughter 22     Penna Sweden England Weaver, Silk Mill
Laura Daughter 18     Penna Sweden England none
Note:  Joseph Larson was the enumerator for this info

28 McGinnis St
Name Relation Age

Place of Birth

Self Father Mother
Leo Gallagher Head 34 Penna Ireland ? Miner
Johanna Wife ? Penna Sweden England  
Elizabeth Daughter 1 Penna Penna Penna  

Luzerne Ave?
Name Relation Age

Place of Birth

Self Father Mother
William Larson Head 35 Penna Sweden England Miner
Mamie Boarder 28 Penna Ireland Ireland  
Ruth Daughter 18 Penna Penna Penna Drawer, cotton mill
Thomas Son 15 Penna Penna Penna Driver, Colliery
Marie Daughter 6 Penna Penna Penna none
Oliver Son 4 Penna Penna Penna none
Note:  Mamie would have had to be 10 yrs old when Ruth was born!  

Wilson St   Vol 175, E.D. 116, sheet 1 line 37
Name Relation Age

Place of Birth

Self Father Mother
Joseph Larson Head 29 Penna Sweden England Teacher, Pub School
Martha Wife 19 Penna Penna Penna  
Marion Daughter 2  4/12 Penna Penna Penna  
Edward Son 11/12 Penna Penna Penna