Laura Rooney wrote six books before she died in 1989 and left one unfinished.  In all of her books my brother Leo Rooney was the editor and his wife Alberta designed and drew most of the covers.   Aleatha Jones Farringer did her mother's, Matilda.

Since my mother finished her books, several family members have pursued genealogy research and exchanged information. They've learned that some family history handed down cannot be true. Watch for a stick figure scratching his head in my mother's writings.  Click on the stick figure to get the newer information.



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Laura  -- the unfinished manuscript

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Frank Of Tender Memory

Books/cover_Jubilee.jpg (4199 bytes)
Diamond Jubilee -- Short Stories, Reminiscences,
Poems and Essays

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Family History
As Told In Letters

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Books/cover_Johanna.jpg (3734 bytes)
Johanna As I
Remember Her

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An Apple Falls-- A
Collection of Poems