High Line, New York City
November 11, 2011

Fourteen hikers (Joyce, you are now one of us) met on the third (or was it the second?) car of NJ Tranjit morning train to Penn Station, NYC.
From there we all walked to the top of the High Line and at our various paces to the bottom on Gansevoort St. There we descended to the street to have lunch and walk back to the Chelsea Market.  Some headed back to Penn Station and home after that. Others went on to explore a couple galleries.  Herein are some pics.

Hikers were Carolyn, Christel, Dian, Doris, Eleanor, Ellen, Janice, Joyce, Nuralon, Mary (me), Myrna, Pat, Peggy and Steve

Statue of Liberty in view

Kids are kids no matter where. These were playing in the pile of leaves

11/11/11 Mariage at 11:11 o'clock
I missed another couple, two men

Pay no attenton to the man in the window on the left, but admire the real person on the right cleaning the outside windows 

This was in a gallery of flower sculptures

I couldn't help but think of this that I saw last week in the 
Aerial Roots section of NJ's Grounds for Sculpture

A fascinating exhibit at the Kim Foster Gallery

A "dumping ground for all manner of manmade detritus"

Where's the car tire?

Andreas Gursky Exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery

It was a great day.  Thank you Dian for organizing this!