The Cover

  1. The Family
    My Mother, Sarah Jane Larson
    My Brother, Lawrence
    Mine Accident
  2. Childhood Amusements
    Games I Played Long Ago
    And They Sang - And They Sang
    The Fifty Acres
  3. Education
    Straight from the Cabbage Patch
    The Undedicated Teacher - Miss Candelson
    Miss Jacobs
  4. Housekeeping
    Wash Day in the Early 1900's
    Our Coal Stove
    Carpet Cleaning in the 'Old Days'
  5. The Immigrants
    Boots - An Eccentric Character
    Main Street
    A Question for Metro
    A Polish Wedding
    Klein's Hardware Store
    Mr. Fine's Little Boy
    Poland's Candy Store in 1905
  6. Brushes with History
    The Drummer Boy's Boots
    The First Time I Saw a Car
    My Godfather and the Willy's Knight
    The Sinking of the Titanic
    Early Movies
  7. Later Years
    A Special Birthday
    The Launching of a Minesweeper in World War II
    I Never Told This Before
    The Ice Storm
  8. Poetry
    How Poetry Makes Me Feel
    The Crocus
    Spring Blossoms
    The Groundhog
    Fogarty's Cow
    When I Was Very Young
    A Poem of Thanks